Even if your gaming skills haven't been finely honed since the first Super Mario Bros., you can overcome level after level of Super Mario Run with these tips. 1. Master the tap To truly master the game you need to hone your jumping skills. But remember: a jump isn't just a jump. A quick tap on the screen causes a short jump, for example. If you hold your finger down on the screen, though, your jump will be much higher. 2. Mega jump If you can't quite jump high enough to reach that coin, hit jump again while you're midair. It will boost Mario just a little higher, giving you just the edge you need. For the most height, wait until Mario is just about to descend and then hit jump again. Enlarge Image The right jump can make a huge difference in how well you play the game. 3. Boost even more Another way to blast high into the sky is to hit jump just as you land on an enemy. You'll get a big launch in the air. When you step on a pause box it stops Mario. It will also turn into a golden arrow to remind you to keep going. 4. Pause it No matter how addictive Super Mario Run ($9.99 at iTunes) is, sometimes your finger gets tired. Luckily, throughout the game, there are red blocks you can use to pause the action. When you get to a red block, don't jump over it! Position Mario so that he runs over the red block. He will stop on top of it and chill until you're ready to go again. The clock pauses too, giving you the time to look around and form a strategy. 5. Bubble up Aww, man. Did you miss something in a level and want to go back? Hit the bubble button at the top of the screen to be transported a few seconds backward. Tap on the bubble to pop it right where you want Mario to land. Think of it as your personal redo button. You have a limited amount of bubbles though, so use them wisely. To get more bubbles, make sure to hit the question mark bricks. 6. Unlock some friends Getting bored of the mustachioed plumber? You can unlock other friends from the Mario world. Each one has their own abilities. For example, Peach can float and Luigi can jump extra high. You can unlock Toad by linking your My Nintendo account to the game. Playing Toad Rally ($28.93 at Amazon.com) and