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The league trying to be the BBL of esports

THE hottest new entry to the Australian sporting scene has been the Big Bash League. It’s a great equation — excitement, freshness and mass appeal among younger fans.

EA's day of reckoning is here after 'Star Wars' game uproar, $3 billion in stock

Leading gaming YouTube personalities believe EA will be forced to change its practices after the "Star Wars Battlefront II" controversy.

Resident Evil's Nintendo Switch debut brings horror to your bedroom

I’ve always been a fan of survival horror games, and there’s only really one way to play them: late at night, alone, in a dark living room. But with today’s release of two Resident

PUBG is getting a mobile version in China

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to mobile — but only in China. Tech giant Tencent has announced that it’s working with PUBG developer Bluehole on a smartphone version of

I keep returning the Nintendo Switch because of this tiny cosmetic flaw

A little gap in the casing is preventing me from enjoying Super Mario Odyssey like a normal person.

The Sims 4 console versions make it the couch game you didn’t know you wanted

The controller lacks the precision of a mouse, however

4 things to do with your Nintendo Switch on Thanksgiving weekend

Nintendo’s latest device, the Switch, is perhaps the most flexible gaming machine ever created. Both a console and a portable, it allows you to play games in a variety of contexts

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp brings the series’s leisurely charm to smartphones

A shift to mobile means a different kind of Animal Crossing experience

Nintendo is releasing a massive Splatoon 2 update in time for the holidays

Producer Hisashi Nogami explains the importance of a constantly evolving game

With new permanent teams, professional League of Legends will look more like the

New squads backed by the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors are on board for 2018

One of gaming’s musical maestros just released his first solo album

Hirokazu Tanaka combines retro and reggae on his new collection

The rise of D&D liveplay is changing how fans approach roleplaying

From Stranger Things’ Dungeons & Dragons obsession to the YouTube and Twitch players becoming online celebrities, RPGs are now public entertainment

A misogynist Twitch rant has streamers calling for clearer rules

A Twitch user’s misogynist rant has brought the streaming platform’s standards under scrutiny. Last week, professional streamer Trainwrecks lashed out at a group of female Twitch

Skyrim and LA Noire get a new life on the Nintendo Switch

The last few months have been packed with exciting new blockbuster games — yet here I am, playing a pair of titles that originally came out six years ago. This week, two of the

The new Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS are the most welcoming yet

Like a low-level Magikarp, the Pokémon series evolves very, very slowly. Over two decades, the core concept has remained almost entirely unchanged: you run around collecting cute

Razer’s new mechanical gaming keyboard is water and dust resistant

Is this the solution to devastating soda spills?

Star Wars Battlefront II’s single-player campaign is a great new story with a

Who needs Luke and Lando when you’ve got Iden Versio?

Xbox One S drops to its lowest ever price for Black Friday

Microsoft is discounting the Xbox One S 500GB model down to just $189 with a free game.

How to play Starcraft II for free

One of the all-time great strategy games...

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch

Here's what you need to know to get Nintendo's transforming handheld game console.

How to preorder new Atari and Sega Genesis Flashback consoles

Preorders have started for these bandwagon-jumping nostalgia fests.

How to preorder the Super NES Classic

The new hotness in throwback gaming is coming in September and it's going to be ferociously difficult to find.

How to find and use a Ditto in Pokemon Go

One of the most talked-about pocket monsters is stealthy, but catchable. Here's what you need to know.

How to take full advantage of Pokemon Go events

Here's how to be the very best like no one ever was during every Pokemon Go event.

How to download the original StarCraft for free

To help generate buzz for the upcoming StarCraft: Remastered, Blizzard is giving away the game that started it all. Here's how to get it.

20 Super Mario Run tips to get your game on point

Use these tips to become a Super Mario Run legend...or just impress your friends.

Baby Pokemon: Info and tips for Pokemon Go

Want a baby Pokemon? Here's what you need to know.

Everything you need to know about evolution items in Pokemon Go

Clueless about evolution items? Here's the info you need to evolve 'em all.

​Super Mario Run: Price, gameplay and more

Love old-school Mario games? This is the mobile game you've been dreaming of.

The ‘surprisingly dark’ return of Sonic the Hedgehog

SONIC the Hedgehog is one of the defining symbols of the 1990s, with his spiky blue style, red running shoes and insatiable lust for gold jewellery.

Pokemon Go’s $9.6 billion damage bill

RECKLESS Pokemon Go players may have racked up as much as $A9.6 billion nationwide in costs related to car crashes, injuries and deaths last year, according to researchers.

PlayStation’s unlikely secret weapon

VIDEO games have always been a form of escape from reality, and from the earliest days have been all about creating believable alternative worlds to explore, discover, create or

What it take to be an international e-sports player

PROFESSIONAL competitive computer gaming is very new as far as sports go — in fact, there’s still different opinions on whether to render the activity as “esports” (reportedly the