Now Playing: Watch this: Battle bots you can afford shoot each other in first... 2:33 Earlier this year, two massive mega bots battled it out in one of the most anticipated, expensive robotics events in recent history. Years of development and engineering were on display as giant robots piloted by humans duked it out on the internet. It was most likely an experience battle bot civilians like you and me will never experience. Now, however, fighting a robot war inside a mech warrior is possible thanks to Chinese-based company GJS Robot. GJS Robot has been producing affordable functional battle bots since 2016. Its first fighting robot was Ganker, a fast and nimble bot that does battle with a large sword.  Ganker, currently available for $399 at Ganker Robot and other robotics retailers, is controlled via a smartphone app and has sensors throughout its body that can detect when it's been struck by an enemy robot. The scoring system tracks each time the robots make contact and awards points accordingly. The app also has buttons for preset fighting stances and attack moves.  The robot gets around fast on omni-directional wheels and is customizable with different weapons like a large ax and robot parts, such as a mountable POV camera for FPV fighting. (POV stands for "point of view, while FPV means "first person view.") Ganker is popular in robot-fighting tournaments around the world because of its rugged frame and high speeds. A few weeks ago, GJS Robot announced GEIO, a first-person-shooter battle bot with visual recognition. It can see with its onboard camera and resembles an FPS game with the choice of FPV.  GEIO connects through an app and transmits what it sees to your phone.The screen displays a head-up display from the robot's point of view, allowing you to chase and target other GEIO bots in the battle.  You can fire up to 100 rounds of virtual bullets before you'll need to reload. When you get hit by another GEIO robot, your phone vibrates just like an FPS video game, adding to the excitement and tension. As you get hit by your opponent, your health bar decreases until eventually it's game over for one of the battle bots. GEIO is currently available