Despite this, some of the best technological creations still don’t reach as far as Australia, and many don’t arrive in stores for months after their worldwide release. These failures to launch affect everything from smartphones to computers, cameras to virtual reality gaming equipment, with notable holdouts including Google Glass, Amazon Echo smart speakers, and the much-hyped Essential smartphone that can still only be ordered in the United States and Canada. The Motiv smart ring (pictured) tracks the wearer's activity and sleep, is waterproof, and promises a five-day battery life. It’s not available in Australia.Source:Supplied A group of canny Australian expats are helping gadget obsessives to cheat the system, however, and they’re gearing up for America’s biggest sales late this month. Phillis Chan is one such entrepreneur, and established the export firm Big Apple Buddy after moving to New York with her husband two years ago. It’s a business she fell into, she says, after being inundated with purchasing demands from friends Down Under. READ MORE: Amazon’s artificially intelligent speaker could help with clothing choices “When we came over here, a lot of our friends and family members started asking us to send goods back to Australia because they couldn’t actually buy them,” she says. “We were sending back tech products, fashion goods, sending out things like snowboards and ski gear. “We thought there must be other people around the world who want access to these goods but don’t have a contact in the States, and that’s how the business came about.” Big Apple Buddy now operates at a Manhattan address where goods arrive and are shipped to customers the same day. Google Glass was not released in Australia, despite demand. Picture: David CairdSource:News Corp Australia The business offers its services to over 150 countries, but Chan says most customers are Australian and most order hard-to-get gadgets. “As much as we have access to designer fashion brands, tech is our main focus,” she says. “The two main categories at the moment are VR headsets and smart home products, especially with the release of Amazon items recently.” Some products are bound to be