The newest Apple Watch finally lets you leave the house for a run without the burden of a phone or wallet flapping about in your pocket. So when you fall into a sweaty heap, groaning and cursing Australia’s warm climate, you can phone a friend from your wrist, beckon them to collect you, and buy an ice block while you await their arrival. It might not be the example Apple showcases in glossy advertisements but the internet-savvy Apple Watch 3 is useful in a host of ways you might not expect. Apple’s new Watch will be released in Australia on September 22. Picture: Jennifer Dudley-NicholsonSource:News Corp Australia This device a rare example of wearable technology that can be used independently of a smartphone, and it may pave the way for more after convincing Aussie telcos to let users spread one phone number across multiple gadgets. Apple’s new Watch also supports more exercise modes, knows how often you take the stairs, and talks back to you for the first time. Is this, then, the smartwatch Apple originally intended to create? We’ve worked out with it and tried to work it out for you. ALWAYS CONNECTED It sounds like a simple addition — a cellular connection in a smartwatch — but it adds much more convenience to the experience. If you’ve ever buried your smartphone at the beach, missed calls at your letterbox, or endured a gym class wondering what texts and tweets you’re missing, you’ll know that a connected smartwatch can be useful. Apple also used its unique powers of persuasion to convince Australian carriers to offer two connections from one phone number for this device. Unlike the other 4G smartwatch in the Australian market — the Huawei Watch 2 — Apple’s Watch 3 features an eSIM that can receive phone calls and text messages from your existing phone number. It removes the additional pain of relying on call-forwarding features and signing up to a second number. Apple’s Watch 3 will feature a cellular connection and the new Frontier watch face will show its connection status. Picture: Jennifer Dudley-NicholsonSource:News Corp Australia You do, of course, need an additional phone plan, and both Telstra and Optus will support the Apple Watch 3 at its