patiently sat on a folding chair in the corner of a Soldier Field interview room as 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan broke down Sunday’s victory over the his kicker made possible. Gould had waited 15 months to have the last word on his unexpected release in September 2016, so lingering another few minutes only gave the Bears’ all-time leading scorer more time to savor the experience. “This one means a lot to me in a lot of different ways,” Gould said after biting the hand that once fed his family. Gould 15, Bears 14. The game-winner for the 49ers, Gould’s fifth field goal of the day, came from 24 yards with four seconds left and shook his former team to its core, reinforcing every doubt Chicago had about coach and general manager . If the Bears truly were serious about winning, they would fire Fox on Monday and, at least, re-evaluate their perceived commitment to Pace after the kicker the GM cut and the quarterback he couldn’t land conspired to ruin another Sunday on the lakefront. Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the hometown kid with Hollywood looks, showed the polish that rookie counterpart hopes to one day develop, but Bears history will remember this as the Robbie Gould Game. No wonder the outspoken kicker celebrated by barking at the home sideline after coming through in the clutch as he did so often while setting the Gould standard from 2005-15. “I was pretty excited,” Gould conceded of his animated response. Never shy to share opinions, Gould still might be describing his heroics in a few years as a Chicago talk-show host. But despite how easily Gould could have turned this into an I-told-you-so moment, the player who wore out his welcome for many at Halas Hall stuck to the positives. Gould even thanked Fox and Pace for freeing him to redefine his approach elsewhere — a subtle jab at the Bears’ 6-22 record since he left? — first with the Giants and now with the 49ers. He even used the word bittersweet and, judging from the emotion in Gould’s voice, meant every satisfying word. “I played a long time here,” Gould said. “I was going against a team that I have a lot of respect for.” The more Gould basked in the attention he deserved, the more absurd Pace’s