Is Virginia pissed off yet? Can someone check to see if is pissed off? Because that’s the only way anything gets done with the . And after the Bears lost at home Sunday to one of the worst teams in the league on five field goals by a guy whom current Bears wonks decided wasn’t good enough seemingly presents enough reasons to urgently bang on Virginia McCaskey’s door. Hello, anyone home? Hello, anybody pissed off yet? The daughter of team founder George Halas is in charge, her sons serving as various forms of sock puppets, and until she says go, nobody goes. She said it with Phil Emery and . She said go. They were gone. She said go because she was pissed off. We were told so by , the latest son to be in charge of delivering mom’s messages and carrying out her orders. We were told Virginia McCaskey was pissed off several years ago because the team was embarrassing the franchise, if not also the family and the city. And now the Bears are giving us a sense of deja stupid. George McCaskey has given his mom something worse. GM and coach have won just 12 games in almost three seasons, one fewer than the Emery-Trestman train wreck had in two. Underscoring the disgrace was a tsunami of ineptitude splattered all over Soldier Field on Sunday, one of the Bears’ most pathetic losses in, I don’t know, a week. It’s hard comparing which stink is worse, but losing 15-14 to the previously 1-10 49ers at home ranks down there with the back-to-back 50-burgers the Patriots and Packers hung on the previous clown unit put together by son George McCaskey and virtual son , the team president. Virginia McCaskey hasn’t wanted to fire Fox or Pace so far. She hasn’t wanted to fire Phillips or her son du jour. Nobody knows why, what with the results all of them have delivered. The Bears might not be the Browns, but you can see them from here. And remember the Browns are a joke from the owner on down. The Bears have someone they believe is a future franchise quarterback. They have nobody to coach him to get to that point. They also have nobody who can find receiver talent to see if he can figure it out himself. What’s wrong with this picture? I don’t think Fox and offensive coordinator Dowell