Anyone who has spent even half a day around knew better. They understood the kicker’s “just another game” assertions all week long were bogus, that his return to Chicago to face the regime that ended his time with the had him fired up. In so many ways, Gould was out for blood, making his return to Soldier Field on Sunday for the first time since he was cut by the home team 15 months earlier. He was driven to remind the Bears front office and coaching staff what they once had. Finally on Sunday evening, after Gould scored all of the 49ers’ points in a 15-14 win over the Bears, the kicker confessed. “I wanted this one really bad,” he said at an unfamiliar stall in the visiting locker room. “I downplayed it all week. For my own peace of mind, to be honest with you. But I’m just happy it went this way.” Here’s how Gould channeled his competitive fire and motivation: He made field goals from 33, 28, 35 and 34 yards over the first three quarters. Then with the game on the line, he drilled a game-winning 24-yarder into the south end zone nets with four seconds remaining, an all-too delicious ending to a dramatic win. “It was pretty sweet,” Gould said. Gould’s admission of the day’s significance had already been made very clear when his game-winning kick went through. He turned to the Bears’ sideline and yelled several times with equal parts glee and gusto. “I don’t know if I can quite repeat it,” 49ers holder Bradley Pinion said. “A lot of that was him just screaming ‘Yeah!’ Honestly. He was pumped. … This was an emotional day for him. Playing here for 11 years, there’s a lot that comes with that.” A little while later, Gould acknowledged the satisfaction, noting that of the 38 field-goal attempts he has taken since the Bears cut him, he has missed only one. (Another 27-yarder against the Eagles in October was blocked.) Gould even revisited his September 2016 separation from the Bears, when general manager , coach John Fox and special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers made it clear they didn’t believe in him any longer. “It doesn’t really matter to me what they think,” Gould said. “When they cut me and said it was for performance reasons, I needed to go back and look at