As if Robbie Gould’s 5-for-5 performance on field goals didn’t degrade the Bears enough in Sunday’s 15-14 loss to the 49ers, they continue to endure problems at kicker. Cairo Santos’ ailing groin “flared up” shortly before the game, he said, making him unavailable for kickoffs and long field goals. Santos’ groin strain kept him out of the league from Sept. 30 until the Bears signed him Nov. 20. “I’m a little heartbroken right now for myself and for the team because I did feel healed and strong enough to endure all the kicking,” he said. “I felt great in practice. I didn’t miss any periods of practice and did all the load. In pregame — just sometimes it happens. It’s out of our control.” Punter Pat O’Donnell handled kickoffs, and the Bears didn’t attempt any field goals. Santos made both extra points from 33 yards. “As I kicked the extra points, I could feel something, but I could manage it,” he said. “There is some optimism that it’s just maybe some tightness, maybe some nerve irritation. They checked me before the game, and my strength level was actually impressive, so maybe it’s not muscle related.” Santos will be reevaluated Monday. No lying down: As the 49ers ran down the clock before their game-winning field-goal try, one line of thinking suggests the Bears should have let the 49ers score a touchdown to get the ball back. The Bears led 14-12 when the 49ers began a set of downs at the Bears’ 7-yard line with 1 minute, 40 seconds remaining and one timeout left. On that first-and-goal, the 49ers ran the ball. If Carlos Hyde had gotten into the end zone and the 49ers had made the extra point, the Bears would have trailed 19-14 and gotten the ball back after the kickoff with about 1:35 remaining. Instead, the 49ers ran on second down for a loss of 2, kneeled on third down and won with a 24-yard field goal on fourth down, leaving 4 seconds for the ensuing kickoff. Coach John Fox said his staff discussed letting the 49ers score. “We felt good about the block we had on a potential field goal,” he said. “Neither one of those are great options at the 5- or 4-yard line.” Off the street: Last Sunday, Chris Prosinski went to church. Then he came home and watched