10 thoughts after the Bears lost 15-14 Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field to the San Francisco 49ers, who couldn’t get in the end zone but got five field goals from ex-Bear Robbie Gould and a 297-yard effort from former Rolling Meadows High School star Jimmy Garoppolo. 1. Here is something no one is talking about yet and the Bears aren’t going to admit when this season comes to a merciful end on Dec. 31 at Minnesota: Whatever opening or openings the Bears have for employment at Halas Hall aren’t going to be nearly as appealing as they’d like you to believe. They’re going to pass it off as a premier destination in the NFL — but it sure isn’t right now. Yes, the Bears will have more appeal than the Browns, who have the worst job for a football coach this side of the University of Tennessee. Maybe it’s not surprising Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has deep ties to the Volunteers program? There are going to be a bunch of openings following the end of the season, and one veteran agent who represents coaches forecasted a minimum of seven when I chatted with him last week. It’s not difficult at all to envision the Bears being in the market for their third head coach in a five-year span. In fact, it is practically expected. And the point here is a handful of other jobs are going to look a lot more appealing than the Bears’ gig at Halas Hall. That could force the Bears to get in line for their preferred candidate or candidates and who knows how that would go. Yes, there might be candidates that really like quarterback Mitch Trubisky. It’s going to be hard for anyone to fall in love with him based off game tape from this season. There will be a couple candidates that are OK with Trubisky and see potential upside in this year’s second overall pick. Then, there will be candidates that aren’t real interested in Trubisky or are more enamored with another job where they could have the freedom to go out and get their own guy with potential for a flurry of veterans to be available as well as some intriguing draft prospects. Going beyond the quarterback position, the Bears have a serious lack of playmakers. It’s an ongoing issue and it’s why they are destined for a fourth consecutive