After weeks of rumblings that high-profile fashion photographers were about to be admonished for sexual harassment, a complaint has been filed against Bruce Weber by model Jason Boyce, who says the photographer forced him to rub his own genitals. In the filing, Boyce alleged to have suffered from being sexually harassed and discriminated against on the basis of his gender. “Boyce was the victim of ‘casting couch’ practices by the defendants, upon information and belief, are prevalent in the modeling industry, and suffered humiliation, emotional anguish and lost economic opportunities, including the end of his modeling career in New York,” the complaint stated. First reported by The New York Post Friday afternoon, the complaint was filed in the New York State Supreme Court. In addition to Weber, the 19-page document names Jason Kanner, Soul Artist Management and Little Bear Inc. Kanner is the founder and head of Soul Artist Management, which represented Boyce at the time of the incident in December 2014. Little Bear Inc. is the production company run by Weber’s wife, Nan Bush. While Weber’s office did not respond to requests for comment, the photographer had addressed the problem of sexual harassment in more general terms a few weeks ago. Asked by WWD about what was believed to be a New York Times story in development about sexual harassment in the fashion industry, Eva Lindemann-Sánchez, producer of Little Bear Inc., said, “Bruce believes everyone should, at all times, be treated fairly, correctly and with respect.” Boyce’s attorney, Mark Risk of The Bloom Firm, did not respond to a request for comment. A receptionist at Soul Artist Management said that Kanner was not in the office Friday. Another employee declined comment, saying, “No one can help you,” before hanging up the phone. In the suit, Risk claimed that as a result “of the discriminatory, harassing and abusive conduct of defendants and each of them, Mr. Boyce suffered.” The complaint alleges that Weber grabbed Boyce and kissed him on the lips. It also states, “Weber put his fingers in Mr. Boyce’s mouth. Shocked, Mr. Boyce opened his eyes. Mr. Weber told him to keep his eyes closed, and kept his fingers