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Spanish court rules to keep Catalan separatists in jail

Judge rules there was a risk of criminal reiteration, though admits there was little prospect of the defendants fleeing.

Brexit ‘divorce’ deal nears completion, but Theresa May faces dissent in

Monday’s negotiations broke without a deal, as Europe waits for Theresa May to quell dissent.

Greece ‘makes provisions’ in face of German and Italian political uncertainty

Greece is on track to end its current bailout program in August 2018.

‘Sufficient progress’ in Brexit talks

EUROPEAN UNION chief Donald Tusk said overnight he was “encouraged” by progress in divorce talks with Britain, and said that both sides were getting closer to the point where they

Elton in ‘shock’ over mum’s death

ELTON John announced his mum’s death in a heartbreaking Twitter post overnight saying he is “in shock”.

Kremlin denies that Flynn persuaded Putin to hold off on retaliatory sanctions

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said the idea that Flynn’s proposal would be passed along was “absurd.”

Northern Irish border communities fear Brexit’s aftermath

Beyond fears of economic fallout, threats of a hard border for the region put the spotlight on enduring sectarian divides

Germany’s nationalist AfD party lurches further to the right amid protests

Germany's anti-euro, anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party appeared to take a lurch further to the right at the weekend.

Auschwitz note reveals Nazi death squad secrets

CHILLING notes from an Auschwitz inmate forced to help the Nazi murder squads have finally been deciphered — almost 75 years after they were written.

‘Beautiful girls don’t eat’

AN 11-year-old girl who was “unhappy with how she looked” posted haunting diary entries on Instagram detailing her plan to die before taking her own life.

Strong leadership across Europe now looks like wishful thinking

Strong and stable leadership is difficult to come by these days across Europe.

Soldiers guard Europe’s streets from terrorism. Critics say that weakens them in

Officers fear militaries are getting out of practice for a real conflict.

The Road of Love’s dark secret

VOODOO rituals, sexual exploitation and human trafficking have been exposed on a 9km stretch of road leading to paradise in one of the world’s most idyllic locations.

As Germany struggles to form a government, asylum rules emerge as a key dividing

Families of asylum seekers are at the center of a dispute that helped torpedo German coalition talks.

Transatlantic rift widens over inflammatory Trump retweets from British

A day after President Trump retweets anti-Muslim tweets by British fringe group, members of Parliament call for rescinding an invitation to pay a state visit

Thousands rally in Hanover against anti-Islam AfD party

German anti-migrant AfD party elects its new leadership as protesters march against its existence.

Slobodan Praljak died after taking cyanide in court

Praljak drank the poison just seconds after hearing he had lost his appeal against a 20-year-prison sentence.

Russia World Cup 2018: A group-by-group analysis

The draw for the 2018 football World Cup has taken place at the Kremlin.

Refugees held at Lesbos resort to self-harm to 'leave the island'

A surge in refugees heading to Greece in the past three months is putting a strain on emergency facilities.

Slobodan Praljak: War criminal or Croatian hero?

After drinking poison and killing himself at The Hague court, public opinion of former Croatian general remains divided.

Bosnian Croat officials meet their nemesis in The Hague

The Yugoslavia war crimes court's sentencing of six wartime Bosnian Croat officials has special significance for Mostar.

Greek lawyer latest to be assaulted by far right

Greece has seen a string of far-right attacks targeting political opponents and migrants in recent months.

German president set to host new coalition talks

CDU/CSU alliance is due to start negotiation with SPD over majority government as president seeks to prevent snap vote.

Far-right meeting sparks protests

SEVERAL people have been hurt in clashes between police and anti-fascist demonstrators in the city of Hannover.

Contents of poison cup revealed

A DEADLY chemical was in the container from which a Croat war criminal drank shortly before dying, a Dutch prosecutor said Thursday, as an independent investigation into the

A Russian fighter jet got way too close for comfort over the Black Sea

A RUSSIAN Su-30 Flanker fighter jet allegedly crossed close in front of a US Navy P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft over the Black Sea at the weekend, turning on its afterburner

Meghan’s family to ‘gatecrash’ wedding

MEGHAN Markle’s family members have insisted they will travel to Britain for her Windsor Castle wedding — even if they are not invited.

Levi Bellfield accused of being behind Russell murders

UK SERIAL killer Levi Bellfield has allegedly confessed to the one of the UK’s most notorious murder cases that occurred more than 20 years ago.

How Prince Harry’s bride Meghan Markle will cope with life as a royal

MEGHAN Markle’s entry into the House of Windsor is being hailed as a “breath of fresh air” for the royal family.

How to become a computer gaming millionaire

IF SITTING around playing Fifa is your favourite thing to do, it turns out you might not be wasting your time after all.

Woman freed after being kept in ‘sex dungeon’ for a decade

A WOMAN has been freed from a decade of imprisonment in a sex dungeon, where she was tortured and raped by a monster who forced her to give birth to two of his children, police

‘Pro-refugee’ mayor attacked

THE mayor of a small German town said he was happy to be alive after being attacked with a knife by a man who confronted him over his welcoming stance toward refugees before

Russia rolls out plan to bar American media from parliament in RT retaliation

The move to ban all U.S. media outlets came after Congress barred entry to the Russian state-funded broadcaster under “foreign agent” legislation.

In Italy, the army provides medical marijuana. And that’s a problem.

Parliament is poised to expand the program, but it may still fall short on quantity and quality.

Britain furious, Trump unapologetic as fallout swells from anti-Muslim videos 

British leaders have tried to express their dismay with Trump without damaging the “special relationship” with the United States.

Britain First, an anti-Muslim group, just got a big publicity boost from Trump

The president’s reposting of incendiary videos by the group has drawn condemnation in that country, even from Prime Minister Theresa May.

‘I love journalism’: Russian journalist vows return after surviving brutal knife

The stabbing of Tania Felgengauer sparked outrage in Russia and abroad.

Belgian court blocks order to deport imam of Belgium’s largest mosque

Judges said authorities failed to prove imam Abdelhadi Sewif is a security threat.

German mayor stabbed in neck for pro-refugee stance, saved by kebab shop owner

The attack echoes the stabbing two years ago of a politician running for mayor of Cologne.