It was Monday morning, time to infuse his patient’s immune cells back into his body so they could kill the melanoma tumors threatening his life. But the entrance to Dr. Adi Diab’s apartment parking garage in Houston was blocked by water from Hurricane Harvey’s floods and he couldn’t get out that way. The timing of patient John Cormier’s treatment was crucial — he was sitting in a hospital bed, his immune system deliberately destroyed by chemotherapy, and the replacement cells wouldn’t last long in the lab. Dr. Adi Diab waded through flood waters in Texas to treat his cancer patient. NBC News So Dr. Diab put on his only boots and waded three miles in water to MD Anderson Cancer Center to hopefully get there in time to start the treatment. “There was water all the way. It was not deep all the time,” said Diab, a melanoma specialist at MD Anderson. “Some parts of the way were, like, one foot deep.” He had to backtrack several times, making his usually short walk to the cancer center a lot longer than it would have been otherwise. “I had to go through the park and there was a lot of water there,” Diab said. His boots got soaked and he was the last team member to arrive. Cormier had been in the hospital for a week as chemo treatments killed off his bone marrow cells to make room for the new infusion of cells. He is taking part in an experimental approach to treating melanoma. “The T-cells are coming from the tumor itself,” Diab said. These immune cells are often found attacking the tumor, as the body’s immune cells will. “I just feel the comfort of knowing they are there, fighting the cancer.” Cancer grows and spreads when there just are not enough immune cells with the equipment to do the job. Cormier’s therapy involved finding what are called tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, which have recognized and started attacking the cancer. “We harvest those cells from the cancer,” Diab said. “We grow them into large numbers, and we re-integrate them. These are actually his own immune cells fighting the cancer.” Harvey can't beat us! @mkwongmdphd (far right) w TIL Team Monday! @MDAndersonNews strong. — Michael K Wong MD (@MKWongMDPhD) August 30,