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Choline, found in eggs and meat, may make blood clot faster

Researchers trying to figure out how meat causes heart disease came up with another explanation: an essential nutrient called choline may do it.

Pulsing radio current relieved herniated disk pain in new study

European researchers believe that they may have found the solution to back pain after their tests left the majority of sufferers pain-free, but experts are skeptical.

Which comes first -- the poor sleep or the disease process?

There’s more evidence that losing sleep can raise the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Why have insulin prices gone up so much?

A federal prosecutor and several state attorneys general are investigating whether companies broke the law in raising prices for insulin.

FDA checks into deaths after patients get weight loss balloons

Five people have died soon after getting gastric balloons fitted to help them with weight loss, the FDA said.

This cancer pill might turn around the worst type of diabetes

This pill that tamed cancer might do the same for diabetes

Lab report: Gene researchers have tracked down dog family tree

First came working dogs — breeds that could guard or herd livestock. Later came the hunting dogs. Last came the cute, fluffy things.

This sweat band measures your blood sugar

Researchers trying to find a way to make wearable health technology real say they’ve taken a big step with a device that generates sweat.

Slashing medical research would cost jobs and stall advancement, experts say

Trump’s budget would stall advances, cut jobs and threaten America’s status as the world leader while costing more in the long run, health advocates say.

New obesity gene identified for some people of African descent

Researchers have found a genetic variation unique to about 1 percent of people of African descent that can add about six pounds of extra weight.

Study funded by food makers disputes advice to cut sugar intake

The review was funded by the International Life Sciences Institute, which includes among its members Coca Cola Co, PepsiCo, Mars Inc and Hershey Co.

New map of death in America finds huge differences

A new map looking at death across America finds where you live really can determine what kills you.

Here's why there's no insulin pill yet

A drug company CEO says his firm dropped development of an insulin pill because they wouldn't have been able to charge enough for it.

Sidewalks and green spaces make for healthier Americans

Big cities win out over smaller communities when it comes to healthy, happy residents and it’s because of sidewalks, parks and public transport.

Taxing sweet drinks can cut obesity, WHO says

Governments should tax sugary drinks to fight the global epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday.

New report finds soft drink companies donate to nearly 100 health groups

The makers of Coke and Pepsi have exerted a not-so-subtle influence on the health industry, a new study finds.

Hackers could in theory take over this insulin pump

A certain brand of insulin pump could, in theory, be hacked by someone and deliver extra doses of insulin, Johnson & Johnson has warned customers.

Now patients can use an artificial pancreas to control diabetes

The FDA has approved the first artificial pancreas – a cellphone-sized device that automatically takes care of insulin and blood sugar levels.

Sitting Really Can Kill You, Heart Experts Say

Evidence is building that sitting for too long can cause heart disease and diabetes – even in people who exercise, n Heart Association experts say.

Flu Shots Cut Heart, Breathing Problems for Diabetics

Flu vaccines have unexpected side-benefits. thelatest study shows they improve the health of people with diabetes.

Do U.S. Food Subsidies Make People Fat?

Researchers say they have turned up more evidence that policies that subsidize foods such as meat, cheese and corn are helping make Americans fatter.

A Little Butter Won't Kill You, Study Finds

A little butter isn't going to kill anyone, but it's not a health food, either, nutrition experts found in a big study released Wednesday.

Stop with the weed-treats-cancer claims, FDA says

The FDA has warned several companies marketing medical marijuana and cannabis products to stop making medical claims for them.

Cancer is the biggest killer of America's firefighters

Running into burning buildings is not the biggest killer of America's firefighters. It's the cancer they get from doing their jobs.

Handheld probe uses a drop of water to sort tumors from healthy tissue

A pen-sized probe can help tell the difference between tumors and healthy tissue in seconds. Its inventors hope it can speed up and improve cancer surgery.

High water didn't stop this medical team working on a tight schedule

Doctors at MD Anderson waded through Harvey's floodwaters to treat a cancer patient whose therapy couldn't wait just because of a hurricane.

Unproven treatment endangered patients and others, FDA says

The FDA says it seized unapproved smallpox vaccine from a San Diego clinic that was using it in bogus cancer treatments

What do oranges and lemons have to do with leukemia?

Two new studies show vitamin C might prevent leukemia, while high doses of vitamin B may worsen lung cancer risk.

Woman gets record $417 million verdict from Johnson & Johnson in baby powder

The verdict in the lawsuit brought by the California woman, Eva Echeverria, marks the largest sum awarded in a series of talcum powder lawsuit verdicts against Johnson & Johnson.

Could this blood test eventually screen people for cancer?

Liquid Biopsy Blood Test May Find Cancer Before Symptoms Start

More people are dying from colon cancer and no one knows why

Colon cancer death rates have risen among white Americans aged under 50

Too soon to fly? Sen. John McCain returns to work following brain surgery

Sen. John McCain returns to the U.S. Senate 10 days after recovering from brain surgery to remove an aggressive brain tumor.

New drug treats same type of brain cancer Sen. John McCain has

The new FDA-approved drug, Gleolan, lights up brain tumors like Sen. John McCain' has, helping surgeons clear away malignant cells.

McCain's type of brain tumor known to be aggressive and deadly

A glioblastoma is a highly malignant form of cancer that spreads quickly due to its association with a large network of blood vessels in the brain.

Patient Gets Seizure From Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku puzzles give your brain a hard time, but in the very rare case of a German man, a Sudoku puzzle even caused a seizure.

Sun Salute: Millions Around World Bend and Twist for Yoga Day

Millions of yoga enthusiasts across the globe contorted their bodies in complex postures Sunday to mark International Yoga Day on the Summer Solstice.

#GOTscience: 'Game of Thrones' Plot Raises a Grisly Burning Question

HBO's "Game of Thrones" TV series has had its share of gruesome deaths, ranging from beheadings to a bare-hands head-crushing. But being burned alive?

Bill Gates wants to cure Alzheimer's. What can he do that's better?

Bill Gates has promised to invest $100 million to fight Alzheimer's disease.

Can fresh blood reverse Alzheimer’s disease?

Infusions of blood plasma from young men may have helped a few Alzheimer's patients --not affecting memory, but day to day functioning.

If you're in a mumps outbreak, get this vaccine

Experts recommend booster dose of mumps vaccine in outbreaks, recommend new shingles vaccine Shingrix for adults over 50