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Casey Donovan shares the secret to her dramatic weight loss

SINGER Casey Donovan has posted an impressive before and after weight loss picture on her Instagram page.

How this obese couple lost 150kg after falling in love

JONATHON VanBuskirk and Lisa Berg had a combined weight of 318kg when they met online.

The health benefits of eating cheese

CHEESE lovers rejoice — eating a portion of the good stuff could reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, a study shows.

UCHealth rolls out campaign to motivate men to take care of themselves

As part of its men’s health awareness campaign in November, UCHealth hosted a group of men for a free workout followed by a panel discussion with a doctor, a yoga instructor and

Mother and father's weights equally influence a child's risk of obesity: study

A new study suggests that it is not only a mother's weight which can impact her child's heath, with researchers in Singapore finding that children with obese fathers are also more

Potential harms of green tea extract prompts Health Canada response

Drinking green tea is often cited as a great way to help lose weight. But green tea extract -- a popular health product that comes in powders, pills and liquid forms -- may be

Drinking coffee linked to lower risk of heart failure and stroke

U.S. research has suggested yet another health benefit of drinking coffee, finding that it may decrease the risk of developing heart failure or having a stroke.

Vegetarian diet linked to reduced risk of heart failure

New U.S. research has found more evidence to suggest that eating a mostly plant-based diet could have benefits for health, finding that the diet is associated with a lower risk of

Alcohol linked to several major cancers by American Society of Clinical Oncology

Alcohol is associated with 5.5 per cent of all new cancers and 5.8 per cent of all cancer deaths worldwide, including cancers of the breast, larynx, liver, colon, esophagus, and

More adults and kids developing food allergies, research finds

Two new studies have found that food allergies are on the rise in the U.S. -- both among kids and adults.

Research suggests children in northern latitudes more likely to be vitamin D

New U.S. research on vitamin D supplementation in children suggests that those living in northern latitudes are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Weight-loss gastric band complications, removals on the rise in Canada

Gastric bands were once a popular weight-loss measure, but more patients are having them removed due to complications, at a cost to the public health care system.

Healthy gut linked to healthy aging in new research

Canadian and Chinese researchers have found evidence to suggest that a healthy gut could be linked to healthy aging, finding that diversity of gut bacteria is a biomarker of

Genes play role in peanut allergies, study suggests

New research is providing more evidence that genetics play a role in the development of peanut and other food allergies.

Jamie Oliver urges restricting energy drinks to age 16 and older

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is urging a ban on selling energy drinks to children, and wants to see the products regulated like cigarettes.

Kids should avoid sports and energy drinks, pediatricians advise

Caffeinated energy drinks are simply not safe for children and sports drinks are too sugary and should be avoided, says the Canadian Paediatric Society in a newly released position

Health Canada announces ban on oils used in making trans fats

Health Canada says it is banning partially hydrogenated oils or PHOs, which are the main source of industrially produced trans fats in all food sold in the country, including those

A fifth of global deaths linked to diet: study

Fewer children are dying before their fifth birthday and although humans are living longer than ever before, one in five deaths last year were linked to poor diet, researchers said

Low vitamin D levels linked to risk of multiple sclerosis

New large-scale research has found that vitamin D levels in the blood could predict a person's future risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Report lays out exercise guidelines for kids under 5, including 'tummy time' for

New guidelines set the minimum amount of activity that toddlers, preschoolers and even babies should get each day. The '24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years' suggests

Exercise is a 'maintenance program for the brain' says new study

New research has found that taking part in aerobic exercise can help to maintain the size of the brain as we age, aiding in maintenance of brain health and memory function.

Higher levels of physical activity and intensity linked with reduced risk of

New U.S. research has found that older women who do more physical activity, and at higher intensities, could reduce their risk of death from any cause by as much as 70 percent.

Road to fitness: Is running actually good for you?

As New York limbers up to host the world's biggest marathon on Sunday, runners around the world will be picturing its storied finish line to push for that extra kilometre (mile).

B.C.-led research aims to help people with spinal cord injuries get fit

People with spinal cord injuries now have a set of exercise guidelines for maintaining heart health to match those offered to the general population decades ago.

How to choose the best cold-weather running gear

As we head into fall now is a good time for runners to think about how to choose kit to keep warm and prevent injury during the cooler months.

Walking could lower early death risk in those who don't meet activity guidelines

New U.S. research suggests that walking could be enough to lower the risk of mortality even in those who fail to meet the recommended activity levels.

New research reveals the factors that increase risk of injury in young elite

New European research has revealed some of the factors putting young elite athletes at a higher risk of injury, including a lack of sleep and lack of self-confidence.

Global childhood obesity rates now 10 times higher than in 1975

There are now 10 times as many obese children and teens around the world than there were 40 years ago, and if current trends continue, there will soon be even more kids dangerously

Rare condition can make exercise deadly

A relatively unknown condition that can cause a person's muscles to break down and leak toxins into the blood is on the rise.

Any kind of physical activity can help reduce deaths, disease: international

You don’t have to run marathons or do circuit training in order to reap the health benefits of exercise. A large new study concludes that any kind of physical activity can prevent

More research points to exercise as a 'magic pill' for healthy aging

New research once again suggests that exercise is the best way to maintain good physical health as we grow older, and adding even less than an hour a week can make a difference.

New research confirms exercise during pregnancy both safe and beneficial

A new Spanish study is encouraging women to exercise during pregnancy, after finding that working out can have clear advantages for both mother and baby.

Can a workout help boost learning?

New Australian research has found that exercise could help us remember information, adding to the growing body of evidence that working out could be a useful tool for learning.

Managing weight gain in pregnancy lowers chances of caesarean

Limiting weight gain during pregnancy can not only benefit the health of the mother and child, but it can also reduce the chance of a caesarean section, according to new U.K.

Sex robot craze sparks rise of ‘digisexuals’

THE CRAZE for sex robots will lead to a growing number of men whose only sexual and romantic relationships will be with dolls, academics say.

Gross ‘hack’ for unblocking baby’s nose

A SAVVY mum has shared her simple way for unblocking her baby’s nose — but people aren’t convinced that it’s safe.

Em Rata accused of stealing designs

MODEL and actress Emily Ratajkowski is in hot water over her new swimwear line.

Why gay couples might not rush to altar

A BILLION-DOLLAR rush to the altar is predicted once same-sex marriage in Australia is legal, but the reality is some same-sex couples could be just as happy not getting hitched.

The email that saved Linke’s life

LINKE Nel is little fighter.

Internet chaos over Meghan’s coat

MEGHAN Markle didn’t disappoint in the fashion stakes as she made her first public appearance with new fiance Prince Harry.