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Flint's Water Still Has Too Much Lead

Things are getting better, but it's still not safe to drink from the tap.

These Are The 16 Best Players Of The Sweet 16

It may not have a slew of elite NBA prospects, but the tournament still features plenty of exciting talent.

Thanks To Flint, Republicans Love EPA Rules All Of A Sudden

Or at least this one rule that's supposed to protect drinking water.

High Schools Are Failing Girls Who Report Sexual Assault

A rising number of high schools are under federal investigation for complaints they failed to protect alleged rape victims from coming face-to-face with ...

17 Names You Don't Know Now But Will By The End Of March Madness

They may not be household names yet, but the magic of March can change that.

Yes, Muslims Voted for A Jewish Candidate. Pundits Shouldn't Be Surprised.

Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, shut down uneducated commentary about their support for Bernie Sanders.

How A Sexy Thriller Could Get People To Care About Their Water

Water safety is not a sexy subject. But maybe it should be.

Bernie Sanders Missed A Big Opportunity To Talk About Racism

You can't talk about Detroit's decline without addressing discrimination and white flight.

Detroit Mom Asks Who Will Fix Her Daughter's Broken, Rat-Infested School

"My daughter cannot wait eight more years for success to take place."

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Fail To Answer Simple Lead Pipe Question

Lead is a deadly neurotoxin that can cause permanent brain damage in infants, even at low levels of exposure.

Here's What Congress Is Doing About Lead Pipes In Flint And Elsewhere

Don't expect the ones in your community to come out of the ground anytime soon.

Flint Residents To Get Lower Water Bills

Rick Snyder announced some relief for Flint residents, who have the highest water rates in America.

Ted Cruz Drops His Hold On Flint Water Deal

But other senators could still be holding up the legislation.

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