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Lots of graves — but no ghosts — on Halloween Graceland Cemetery tour

Weaving through the graves at Graceland Cemetery on Tuesday, Albert Walavich led a tour of the grounds, where tombstones date back to the early 1800s.

Developers reveal proposal for towers at Holy Name parking lot

Developers unveiled One Chicago Square, a proposed $740 million project that would take up most of the block across from Holy Name Cathedral.

New Yves Saint Laurent museum opens in Marrakech

The opening comes less than three weeks since the inauguration of a museum dedicated to the fashion pioneer in his home city of Paris.

Sun-Times 2017 Fall Entertainment Preview — Visual Arts

Chicago-area art museums, galleries are primed for an exciting season.

With The Yard, Chicago Shakespeare sets engineering poetry in motion

Each of the towers is a self-contained ecosystem with heating & ventilating connectors, electrical connections, acoustical panels & sprinkler system.

SWEET: Obama Foundation minority contracting demands for Obama Center

Finalists are being asked about “past philanthropic spending," including "contributions to educational, environmental and civil rights causes.”

New South Loop mural a gift of Cirque du Soleil and 'Luzia'

It is the latest addition to the more than 40 murals in the South Loop neighborhood, and kicks off this year’s public art exhibition, Street Level.

Artist uses pieces of demolished South Side houses in MCA exhibit

The exhibit is an expansion of “Color(ed) Theory.” For that project, started in 2014, Amanda Williams painted eight abandoned houses.

MCA's 50th anniversary celebrates the now and the next

"Experience today what people will be talking about tomorrow."

John Macsai, architect of Lincolnwood's famed Purple Hotel, dead at 91

John Macsai, who designed Lincolnwood’s famed Purple Hotel as well as graceful Lake Shore Drive high-rises, has died at 91 at his Evanston home.

50 years ago, Chicago squirmed at Picasso's 'big, homely metal thing'

The work had no title, and Chicagoans debated what it might be. A woman's head? An Afghan hound? A seahorse? A baboon?

Geoffrey Baer takes his love of neighborhoods from Chicago to 'Havana'

The TV special also includes a visit to Ernest Hemingway's longtime home outside of the Cuban capital.

The HTC U11 Plus was originally intended to be the Google Pixel 2 XL

Say hello to ‘muskie’, the Pixel phone that never was

The Cary42 is a gorgeous wooden arcade box for the extremely wealthy

We’ve covered Swedish designer Love Hultén’s magnificent retro gaming machines plenty of times before on The Verge, and his latest effort — the Cary42 two-player arcade console /

Former HTC lead designers reunite to form a new consultancy

Scott Croyle and Daniel Hundt back together again

Inside Google’s massive hardware ambitions

An exclusive interview with Google’s SVP of hardware Rick Osterloh.

Sundar Pichai says the future of Google is AI

Google’s CEO is betting on AI, and takes responsibility for the outcomes.

Dropbox redesigns itself as a hipster file sharing service

Dropbox announced a redesign today that introduces a whole lot more color into its former white-and-blue aesthetic. The new look also includes a flatter box logo that makes it look

Cuphead: creating a game that looks like a 1930s cartoon

When work first started on Cuphead, a new game that marries side-scrolling gameplay with 1930s-style American animation, Maja Moldenhauer went ahead and ordered a whole bunch of

Getty will ban Photoshopped pictures that make models look thinner

On October 1st, Getty Images will amend its photo submission requirements to ban images that have been Photoshopped to make models look substantially thinner or larger. The policy

How one artist’s ‘encrypted’ paintings memorialize the concept of privacy

Hayal Pozanti is putting her secrets in a time capsule

Inside Syd Mead’s visions of the future, from Blade Runner to Tron

A new book explores the designer’s powerful influence on Hollywood sci-fi

This Compact Coin wallet is for techies, not coins

The Compact Coin wallet from a small English company named Nodus is distinctly minimalist in its design and techie in its purpose

Philippe Starck on how bezel-less screens will be the end of phone design

But "it’s the right thing to do," says prolific designer

How fashion helped create Absolver’s believable fantasy world

With a little help from designer Damir Doma

Apple is turning a design quirk into the iPhone X’s defining feature

The iPhone X’s sensor housing notch is not an accident

Jaguar’s E-type Zero is the most beautiful electric car yet

Probably because the entire design is lifted from the 1960s

Now there’s a colorblind version of UNO

46 years after it was invented

Inside Standards Manual, the NYC bookstore dedicated to archiving graphic design

If you’re a fan of graphic design history, you might be familiar with Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth. The duo are best known for reissuing the EPA and NASA’s graphics standard manuals

This tiny modular home could be the future of housing

You can program Kasita’s modular home to fit your every mood.

The most prominent logo on LG’s best phone is Bang & Olufsen’s

LG is suffering from a lack of branding self-belief

Ruark Audio's R7 Mk3 is a modern radiogram for audiophiles

British audio company Ruark Audio has announced the third generation of its R7 modern radiogram. First launched in 2013, the new R7 has added functionalities like built-in Spotify