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The Never-Ending Story of the Tiger Woods Comeback

Despite years of setbacks and controversy, the embattled golfer can still capture the sports world’s attention with one weekend of competence.

Anthony Rapp responds to ‘House of Cards’ return after facing harassment from

"I wish them all the very best on 'House of Cards' Season 6."

Pink says she's raising her children in gender-neutral household

The 38-year-old recording artist says her two children aren't pressured into gendered behaviors.

One-third of Americans think the media is the "enemy of the people," just like

The new survey also shows that almost half of the country thinks the media makes up stories about President Donald Trump.

A healthy (!) Tiger Woods shot up 500 spots in the world rankings in just one

The golfer's comeback is under way, and he has risen 500 spots in the world rankings.

The Lakers are enforcing the "LaVar Ball rule" seemingly aimed at keeping

The Lakers said the policy wasn't new, but a rule apparently nicknamed for LaVar might help keep him out of the headlines.

FBI investigating Meek Mill's judge Genece Brinkley for partial sentencing

The rapper's lawyers officially announced an FBI investigation of Judge Brinkley.

Netflix just replaced an alleged abuser with a woman

The final season of the show will star Robin Wright and not include Kevin Spacey.

McAdoo is out in the Meadowlands—who's the next man up?

New York's head coach is out. Who will take over?

Should Billy Bush Be Forgiven?

His New York Times op-ed offers that rarest of things: an individual story of harassment that captures the network effects of harassment.

Naked tag video filmed in gas chamber at Stutthof concentration camp spurs

The artist’s intention was to "show the highest respect for the memory of the Holocaust.”

Angelina Jolie wannabe Sahar Tabar denies having 50 plastic surgeries, says she

“People of the foreign countries don’t follow me please,” she wrote. “I only accept Iranian requests.”

Here's where to get free cookies for national cookie day and a ranking of which

Here's where you can get free cookies on National Cookie Day.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is a powerful political commentary, John Boyega says

"There hasn’t been a 'Star Wars' movie, yet, that has explored war in the way ‘The Last Jedi’ does," Boyega said.

Why are "Long Island Medium" stars Theresa and Larry Caputo splitting?

“Since the last season of Long Island Medium and through a period of time, Larry and I's relationship has changed.”

Who dethroned Selena Gomez for the most-liked Instagram post of 2017? The 10

Selena Gomez had eight of 2016's most popular Instagram posts. How many did she have this year?

The Difficult Business of Dying

America's funeral industry is the most expensive and corporate in the world. Can we find a better way to grieve?

MSNBC's Joy Reid is apologizing for decade-old homophobic blog posts about

Reid said her posts were "insensitive, tone deaf and dumb."

Billy Bush lost his job and separated from his wife after 'Access Hollywood'

Bush and his wife have three teenage daughters together.

The New York Metropolitan Opera has suspended famed conductor James Levine over

The alleged misconduct took place in the 1960s through the 1980s.

How two artists imagined the worlds of Philip K. Dick in Folio Society’s

A Scanner Darkly and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Tête-bêche style

A Dutch artist collective installed a responsive ‘digital organism’ in a forest

The ‘Pixi’ lights are inspired by patterns that exist in nature

Niantic’s first AR game Ingress is getting a massive overhaul in 2018

Ingress Prime will feature a new look, new story, and new tech

Looking for the Linguistic Smoking-Gun in a Trump Tweet

Could the word “pled” really reveal who wrote Trump’s reaction to the Flynn news?

How To Build an Orchestra From Broken Instruments

The collection of misfit horns and damaged violins being played to draw attention to shortages in public funding for arts education

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Running for His Life

One Marine learned that you can’t outpace your demons or suicidal thoughts. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

Broadway in the HOOD explores a new ’hood: Canada

Broadway in the HOOD has another ’hood.

The feds want Martin Shkreli’s one-of-a-kind Wu Tang album

In a motion filed this week, federal prosecutors asked a judge to force Martin Shkreli to hand over the one-of-kind Wu Tang album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Shkreli bought the

Tinder is now picking people it thinks you should Super Like

Tinder’s been experimenting with a lot of premium add-ons to boost revenue: it recently shot up and became the number one top-grossing app on the App Store after bringing its paid

15 science fiction and fantasy books to read this December

Space operas, fairy tales, and a whole bunch of trilogy-enders

The History of Putting aPrice on Everything

Why policymakers calculate the cost of life and death, sickness and health

David Hockney Makes a Splash

A new retrospective at the Met struggles against its claustrophobic setting, but ultimately triumphs.

'The Disaster Artist' Is a Hilarious Tribute to a Singular Work of Art

James Franco’s film chronicles the creation of "The Room," the unforgettable so-bad-it’s-good movie.

A High-Scoring Revolution Has the Rockets Soaring

Daryl Morey has spent a decade orchestrating a new kind of basketball juggernaut. Finally, Houston appears ready to deliver a title.

'Voyeur' Is A Queasy, Fascinating Portrait of Exposure

The Netflix documentary explores the writer Gay Talese’s odd relationship with his subject Gerald Foos, a peeping tom.

Why So Many Adults Read Young-Adult Literature

Over half of today’s YA readers are over the age of 18.

U2's 'Songs of Experience' Is a Grating Pep Talk

Bono has always recommended smiling through crisis, but the message rings hollow this time.