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Barton won't seek re-election after nude photo scandal

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, announced his retirement just days after his nude photo and a salacious sext surfaced on social media.

All the Promises Republicans Cannot Keep

In their haste to pass a tax bill through the Senate, GOP leaders made commitments big and small—on economic growth, deficits, health care, and immigration—that could haunt them in

Obamacare Is on the Ropes—Again

With open-enrollment numbers slipping, the Republican tax plan gaining steam, and CHIP still in limbo, critical elements of health-insurance programs are in danger.

Rep. Blake Farenthold settled sexual harassment claim for $84,000

Farenthold settled a sexual harassment claim with a former employee, two sources tell NBC News. This is the first taxpayer-funded settlement made public.

Pelosi's call for Conyers to resign comes amid Democrats' divisions

Democrats have been internally debating whether Conyers should resign his seat immediately or allow an ethics investigation to play out first.

Democratic pressure mounts on Rep. John Conyers to resign

A second House Democrat has called on her embattled colleague, Rep. John Conyers, to resign his seat as Democratic leaders huddled to discuss how to proceed.

Republicans are handwriting their tax bill at the last minute

The legislation, which would massively overhaul the American tax system, is getting finalized shortly before a vote.

How parents foiled a US Republican tax proposal to kill the adoption tax credit

Parents of adopted children and adoption advocates beat back against a change in the tax code that would have removed a tax credit to help cover the costs of adoption.

Trump donates third-quarter salary to HHS to combat opioid epidemic

The president has donated his salary during previous quarters to the Department of Education and the National Park Service.

GOP tax bill would crush Puerto Rico's already devastated economy, Governor says

A 20 percent excise tax on goods made in Puerto Rico will cripple our economy, says Gov. Ricardo Rosselló.

An 11th-Hour Raid by the Wealthiest Baby Boomers

The Republican tax plan would stick young people with the bill, right as political influence is shifting to America’s diverse younger generations.

Tax Reform Should Help Working-Class Families, Not the Donor Class

Republicans are ignoring the constituents who helped elect them—and giving preference to those who are already flourishing. But a new amendment would address that.

Democrats Try to Shove Trump Aside

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi want to cut the president out of year-end spending negotiations, refusing to attend a White House meeting on Tuesday.

Democrats Embrace Ethics Committee Inquiry for Senator Franken

The Minnesota lawmaker’s colleagues are kicking the controversy over his sexual misconduct during a 2006 USO tour to the panel.  

A Major Step Forward for the Republican Tax Bill

The House on Thursday approved its legislation in a surprisingly drama-free vote. But hurdles await in the Senate.

Republicans Slap an Expiration Date on Middle-Class Tax Cuts

The new Senate plan would have cuts for individuals go away in eight years but make them permanent for corporations.

Is Combatting Sexual Abuse Becoming a Partisan Issue?

Defenders of Alabama’s Roy Moore are politicizing a problem that crosses party lines.

Is Roy Moore Too Much for Steve Bannon?

The mounting charges against the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama are causing uncertainty for the Breitbart chief and his allies.

The Republican Tax Bills Are About to Shrink

Both plans are over-budget and can’t pass the Senate on a party-line vote without major changes, analysts say.

Senate Republicans Go Their Own Way on Tax Reform

The GOP was supposed to be unified on taxes after internal divisions destroyed their health-care drive. But the party’s majorities in Congress now have two competing legislative

Democrats' Narrow Path to Winning the House

The party’s suburban sweep in Virginia and New Jersey offers one template for 2018. But Democrats will have little room for error if they don’t expand their coalition.

America's Crisis of Courage

Character remains the issue that confronts us in almost every story about national politics today.

Why Congress Has Done Nothing on Guns

The energy in the firearms debate remains on the side of inaction.

Have Republicans Abandoned the Ownership Society?

Encouraging people to buy a home was a hallmark of President George W. Bush’s economic policy. The new GOP tax bill marks a retreat from that philosophy.

Bernie Sanders hits the trail again, this time to fight GOP tax bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is traveling to Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania this weekend to rally against the Republican tax cut bill.

Pelosi stumbles on alleged harassment in her own ranks

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's praise of embattled Rep. John Conyers drew a caustic rebuke from around the political world.

Al Franken says "I've made some women feel badly" and apologizes

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., apologized after allegations of unwanted touching or other contact, and pledged to work to regain the trust of Minnesotans.

Texas congressman Joe Barton says police investigating after nude photo surfaces

Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, said U.S. Capitol Police had opened an investigation after a nude photo and a salacious sext surfaced on social media.

Rep. Conyers has no plans to resign after allegations, lawyer says

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has no plans to resign and maintains his innocence, his lawyer said after the Congressman was accused of sexual misconduct.

Secret Conyers settlement raises new questions on Capitol Hill

A settlement reached between a former Conyers' staffer and the congressman took place outside the scope of the official reporting mechanism for harassment.

White House requests $44 billion in additional disaster relief

The White House Friday sent Congress a $44 billion disaster aid request that's already under attack from lawmakers from hurricane-hit regions as way too small.

Sen. Al Franken accused of forcibly kissing, groping a woman

Radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden has accused Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., of kissing and groping her more than a decade ago during a backstage rehearsal for a USO show.Organization

Senators press Kushner over 'incomplete' Trump-Russia evidence

President Donald Trump's son-in-law hasn't been fully forthcoming with a probe into Russian election interference, top Senators say.

House passes $1.5 trillion tax bill, cuts rates for individuals and businesses

The House bill would slash tax rates on corporations and private businesses, overhaul the individual tax code and eliminate taxes on wealthy estates.

GOP opposition endangers Trump's pick to regulate toxic chemicals

Two GOP Senators now oppose Michael Dourson, Trump's pick to become the nation’s top regulator of toxic chemicals, putting his nomination in serious jeopardy.

Congress has handed Trump a historic presidential victory

Congress has handed Donald Trump one of the biggest victories any president has enjoyed in years, says Jake Novak.

Market-moving quant who predicted rally sees 5 percent upside if tax reform is

JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic said the stock market is underpricing the probability of tax reform passing.

Former ethics czar files Hatch Act complaint against White House counselor

Conway attacked Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones during a recent television interview.

The Big Blue Losers in the GOP Tax Plans

The House and Senate bills punish Democratic constituencies, from college students to homeowners in big-city markets.