Among the many things that Chicago is known for, comedy remains one of our most cherished and proudly exported. Whether you prefer chuckling at locally-sourced, artisan jokes at open mics and small comedy clubs or laughing out loud at imported, nationally-recognized comedians on tour, on any given night Chicago has a stage (or seven) with a show for you. And over the next two weekends — with the 26th Annual Comedy Festival (May 31-June 4) and the Break Out Comedy Festival (June 8-10) happening back to back — the city is cranking the comedy knob to 11 (as a character played by a certain legendary filmmaker/comedian appearing at the Music Box on May 31 might say). Though both are still relatively new — the so-called 26th Annual fest (with more big-name comics) is returning for a fourth year and Break Out (with more up-and-comers) is back for a third go-round — these festivals are quickly becoming fixtures. They're also becoming more nationally focused, drawing talent from across the country to present to Chicago audiences, with a spotlight on stand-up. Put on by truTV, The Onion, AV Club and Clickhole, the 26th Annual Comedy Festival (a name almost guaranteed to cause comic confusion) was created to fill a hole left by the Just For Laughs comedy festival leaving Chicago, but has grown and expanded over the years. This year the festival is spread across the city and showcases all forms of comedy, with a lineup of stand-up, live podcast recordings, film screenings and Q&As. "We basically wanted to do different types of things and different sizes of shows," says festival organizer and co-creator Josh Modell. "There are so many great venues in this city and we can put shows in the places that they make the most sense and that seem the most conducive to doing what we want to do." He says the overarching goal of the festival is simple: to entertain. "Beyond that I don't know. There's no real grand scheme behind it other than 'Festivals are fun and this is a bunch of stuff that we really like and can get behind.'" The Break Out festival — presented as a partnership between Second City and NBC — spreads its lineup over three nights but sticks to one venue: Second City's