Considering that Shawn Wayans is spending this year’s long Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago (appearing at The Improv in Schaumburg, Friday through Sunday), the comedian and actor understandably thinks about food — but from two very different perspectives. “Of course, since Chicago is such a great food town, I knew I’d be very well fed over this Thanksgiving period. But when it comes to that holiday, I always immediately flash back to when we were kids in New York,” said Wayans. SHAWN WAYANS When: Nov 24-26; times vary Where: Improv Comedy Club, 5 Woodfield Rd, Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg Tickets: $33 (18+over) Info: “Since we grew up in the projects, our fridge was not all that full — most of the year,” Wayans continued. “But right before Thanksgiving, that always changed. It was the one time of the year when that fridge was full! My little brother and me would always keep peeking in the fridge, looking at all the pies and egg nog and stuff, just because we couldn’t believe how much food my Mom crammed in there. She’d keep yelling at us to ‘close that door!’ because we kept opening it up so much,” said Wayans, with a laugh. “…While Thanksgiving was great, for the next three weeks we’d be eating nothing but leftovers. My Mom would come up with some crazy recipes for how to use everything up. NOTHING went to waste! We’d start with normal stuff like turkey Tetrazzini or sliced turkey sandwiches, but then it would go on and on. There’d be some kind of strange turkey stew, weird turkey mac and cheese, sweet potatoes repurposed into very unusual kinds of casseroles too. By the time it was over, we wouldn’t even think about getting a turkey sandwich — for months!” The entertainer noted that his experiences growing up without a great deal of advantages, “did teach me something important I carry with me to today: Absolutely never to waste food, especially since you know there are lots of people who don’t have much — and there’s many people going hungry in our world today.” As for his standup act, Wayans said he finds a lot of “funny, funny, funny things that happen in my life and the world to comment on in my show. It doesn’t take much to look out in