Before comedian Kyle Mooney made the leap to "Saturday Night Live" in 2013, he was a member of the iconic sketch comedy troupe Good Neighbor, along with childhood friends Beck Bennett, Dave McCary and Nick Rutherford. The quartet's off-kilter but earnest brand of comedy was already being noticed in a big way by the time Lorne Michaels came calling. Four years later and Mooney has started to come into his own on the show, figuring out which of his sensibilities will connect with a more mainstream audience (rather than ending up in the "Cut For Time" section, as his memorably awkward interview with Justin Bieber fans did). Mooney is nothing short of a comedy genius, but he's not a typical live performer. With this rare tour, which stopped by Thalia Hall on Wednesday night for a sold-out show, he's bringing a number of his original characters from Good Neighbor sketches (including those that have since appeared on "SNL") to the stage in an attempt to bring his longtime Good Neighbor fans — who can be almost cultish in their love for the old videos — together with his newer fans. It mostly works. And although the tour is titled "Kyle Mooney Live" — and Mooney is indeed the star — it could just as easily have been called "Good Neighbor Minus Beck Bennett," as three of the four members of the group appear throughout the course of the night, with Bennett (a fellow "SNL" cast member) only popping up on screen in one of Mooney's early YouTube clips ("singing while doin chores :P") that plays during a costume change. McCary, who was hired as an "SNL" segment director the same year Mooney and Bennett were hired as performers, appears in a few sketches and gives a shoutout to their enigmatic but surprisingly touching new film "Brigsby Bear" (which McCary directed and Mooney co-wrote and stars in), while Rutherford serves as the opening act, delivering around 15 minutes of more standard stand-up. "I'm in a good mood. I just found out that my girlfriend is pregnant," he said early on, pausing for cheers. "Also I just broke up with my girlfriend." Rutherford spent a good deal of his set discussing what he would do if he were a woman, a choice that came back to bite the trio —