“The show ended a long time ago,” comedian Gabriel Iglesias said suddenly Friday night from centerstage of The Venue at Horseshoe Casino, wearing jean shorts, white tennis shoes and one of his signature Hawaiian shirts and brandishing a large countdown timer with bright red numbers displaying 23:39 as evidence. He’d fulfilled his contractual obligations to deliver comedy to the audience plus an additional almost 25 minutes, he asserted. “From this moment forward if you see something you don’t think is funny or something you don’t like, you can’t be mad,” he said. “Because you didn’t pay for it.” As far as catchy methods for a comedian to give himself some leeway to try out new material go, it’s a good one; not only does it telegraph to the audience that Iglesias — who has recorded six stand-up specials and consistently ranks as one of the highest-grossing comedians in America — is still willing to go the extra mile for his fans, it gives him room to play without the expectation that the show will continue to build (and bonus points if it does). In other words, it’s top notch expectation and brand management rolled into one. And Iglesias — who is celebrating 20 years of stand-up comedy with a world tour and has built a loyal following by keeping his act down-to-earth and (mostly) family-friendly — is one of the best at these aspects of the comedy business. He’s not bad at selling merchandise either. Opener and longtime Iglesias associate Alfred Robles rounded out his darkly funny set by spending a good five minutes showcasing the various items available for purchase (from standard T-shirts down to lanyards, bags and pins). “This is the commercial portion of the show,” he half-joked. In reality, it’s all the commercial portion of the show. Ever since Iglesias adopted the nickname Fluffy years ago, based on fan reactions to a joke he told in which his mom told him “you’re not fat, you’re fluffy,” he’s been on a solid commercial climb. For an idea of the crowds he can draw, he recorded his most recent special for Netflix (last year’s “I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry”) at the 18,500-capacity Allstate Arena in Rosemont. Type the word “fluffy” into any