“The human head is least scary when attached.” Demetri is a person. He is a person who tells jokes, which makes him a comedian. As evidence of these two claims he has recorded stand-up specials named both “Demetri Martin. Person.” and “Standup Comedian.” He is also an artist, an author, a late night writer and (most recently) a writer/director (his first film, the comedy/drama “Dean,” was released this summer). So he is also a multi-hyphenate. Concepts like “multi-hyphenate” intrigue him. So he tells jokes about them. And he’s very good at it. “The Earth is the world’s largest globe.” Like Mitch Hedberg or Emo Philips before him, Martin is an expert at the carefully crafted one-liner. He delivers these one-liners — often involving word-play or the turning over of a concept until its logical conclusion becomes illogical — with an emotionally distant and contemplative, ever-so-slightly aloof style that makes his jokes land with the perfect mix of care and carelessness. “Bird watching; that’s gotta be creepy for birds.” On Sunday night at The Vic — sporting a black T-shirt, jeans, gray New Balance sneakers and a black watch — the Yale graduate and law school dropout let a number of these one-liners loose as part of his current “Let’s Get Awkward” tour, sometimes strumming an electric guitar (a departure from the acoustic guitar and harmonica he has previously employed) and sometimes glancing quickly at a notebook he left open on a black stool in the middle of the stage for inspiration. “I’m afraid of heights. But only if I’m at them.” One-liners aside, the Demetri Martin of 2017 is a bit more introspective. Not counting 2004’s “If I” (a one-man show that intertwines autobiography, self-deprecation, palindromes, inspirational speaking, useless talents and stand-up comedy), Martin’s current show (which he started touring in August and which wraps up in December with the recording of a new comedy special for the current lead purveyor of stand-up, Netflix) includes some of the most personal of Martin’s work to date (and this includes his three books, his work on “The Daily Show” and his short-lived Comedy Central show “Important Things with Demetri Martin”). But that