Speak out: We need to keep an eye on Congress

Concerned about Congress: Donald Trump is our incoming president. I want to support him, but right now it's the Republican Congress that I don't trust. They want to get rid of the very people who keep an eye on politicians. I have to wonder why. Hopefully they don't just open the doors to do whatever they want to do. Some people call themselves conservatives, and some people call themselves liberals. I would like to add that sometimes I'm conservative, and sometimes I'm liberal. If you can show me someone who is always conservative or always liberal, I will eat my underwear. They don't exist. You cannot live being only conservative or only liberal every day of your life.

Birth and death: In Chicago before the first baby birth of the new year was announced, the news reported the first shooting fatalities to start off the long count for 2017.

Deregulation rerun: I see that Donald Trump will get his briefing, but I caution you that he will not accept anything that indicates WikiLeaks or the Russians were involved in the election. He says he is going to deregulate Wall Street. Remember when we deregulated the banks and what happened a few years later? Looks like the same thing will happen again. He will deregulate the banks, open up Wall Street, and open up jobs. It will be a good thing from the get-go. But in the long run, we will crash again. This does not look good for America just when we are on the road to recovery. Some people don't think we're recovering fast enough. When you fall off a building, it's not the fall that kills you. It's when you come to a stop.

Reflection on election: Russian hacking didn't cause Hillary Clinton to lose the election. She lost mostly because she thought she had Wisconsin, Michigan and the other states that normally vote Democratic in the bag. The mistake she made was going into the Republican states to reach out to other people while not holding the hands of the Democratic states, especially Wisconsin. Getting away from that, anyone who uses even a small piece of their brain knows that this election will not be overturned. Clinton didn't spark the recount. It was an independent. If you think that the hacking didn't have an influence over this election, you're not using any part of your brain. We must move on. Have you ever seen a loser win the popular vote by three million votes? It's time for the Electoral College to die so that the real people will speak. Donald Trump, listen carefully. You are my president, but I did not vote for you.

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Speak Out: People leaving Illinois taking coward's way out

Leaving Illinois: I see that the Illinois population is declining. A lot of people are running to Indiana. I would say to the runners, that's the coward's way out. If you loved your state, you would stay and fight for it instead of taking the easy way out.

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