Speak Out: Republicans saying they won't vote for Trump is 'hogwash'

Staying true to their party: All these bigwig Republicans who say they won't support Donald Trump will have two choices when they walk into the voting booth next month. They can vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You know as well as I do that they will vote for the one who halfway represents their party. They will pull the lever for Trump. All this hogwash is just political nonsense. They don't want anyone to think they will vote for Trump, but they will. The only alternative is to vote for her.

Quit name calling: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to stop calling each other names. They need to get on with their work and tell us what they're going to do for this country. Quit picking on each other.

Leery of list: I see one of our letter writers wants to vote for Donald Trump because he published a list of candidates for the Supreme Court. What makes you think he will actually use that list? He has lied about everything else. This will be no different.

Stumping for Trump: Now I see we have fortune tellers calling in to Speak Out. These are people who know exactly what Donald Trump will do if he's the president. He'll start a nuclear war. Oh please. Trump will have the best cabinet of experienced men and women who will be level-headed like Mike Pence. They will keep us out of war. You should worry about Hillary Clinton. She was for the Iraq War. We see the results of those decisions now.

Fame game: Donald Trump said he has the greatest respect for women, but he obviously doesn't know the meaning of respect. He has it confused with sexual attraction. He is someone we cannot allow to be the president. He said he can do anything to women because he is famous. What is he famous for? He cheated his workers out of their earnings, and he cheated the government out of taxes. He thinks he is famous because of his ridiculous television reality show. He won't get away with it. He'll find out on November 8 that he is fired.

Short versus long: This is my third attempt to get in Speak Out. I'm 94 years old. I do my own housework and shopping. I'm a volunteer at the hospital. I don't like the new, long paper. I would like it to be like the Living and Home sections. It would be better for people on trains and buses.

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