See You at the Pole

Immanuel Lutheran school students gather every Wednesday for chapel, which always includes prayer. But on Wednesday, September 27th they had a special opportunity to gather outside, by the flagpole, for "See You at the Pole." It was a simple celebration of the gift of prayer as Immanuel's students, teachers and staff all stood united in prayer. Immanuel's principal, Delaine Schiestel, says that "Joining together to pray for our nation, our organization, and our families created a bond of unity between all the kids, staff, parents and the community members who were present. Prayer is one way that we build compassion and care for each other."

Reverend Doctor Thomas Acton adds that, "it was humbling to stand among the children hearing about our opportunity to pray together at any time and as the principal told the students that there are people who are NOT always able to gather for prayer at any time."

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photo of See You at the Pole

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