LTHS announces National Merit Commended Students

Thirty-five Lyons Township High School seniors have been named Commended Students in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program. About 34,000 students nationwide are being honored for their exceptional academic promise. Commended Students placed among the top 5% of more than one million students who entered the Merit Program. The Merit Program is extremely competitive, and the Commended Students can be proud of their designation. Congratulations for the following students:

NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED Thomas Atseff (LaGrange Park)Julia Aubert (LaGrange Park)John Bernstein (LaGrange)Erich Brandt (Western Springs)Matthew Brandt (Western Springs)Tanner Burke (Willow Springs)Anna Busza (Willow Springs)Andrew Callahan (Western Springs)Ivy Cornelison (LaGrange Park)Abigail Cundiff (Western Springs)Lillian Hahn (Willow Springs)Alexis Karkazis (Western Springs)Peter Kiley (Indian Head Park)Christopher Lacny (LaGrange)Kannon Larison (LaGrange)Iris Leahy (LaGrange)Nathan Lezon (Western Springs)Kristyn Lisowski (Willow Springs)Timothy Madigan (Western Springs)Kevin McKenzie (Western Springs)Eleanor Nalbach (LaGrange)Matthew Narbutis (LaGrange Park)Claire O'Connor (LaGrange)Timothy O'Gallagher (LaGrange Park)Jacqueline Osborn (Western Springs)Jane Ragains (Western Springs)Dheeksha Ranginani (Burr Ridge)Timothy Rediehs (Western Springs)Lauren Reynolds (LaGrange)David Shi (Western Springs)Philip Smith (Western Springs)Caroline Spitkovsky (Countryside)Emily Vega (LaGrange)Hannah Walleck (LaGrange Park)Vincent Zona (Western Springs)

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