Local Business Owner Creating New Jobs

Exciting new jobs growth occurring at Downers Grove organization, Physicians Revenue Group. Founder Mansoor Ahmed, has two modest visions: help 500 people find jobs and protect the legacy of the private physician's practice. Recent recipient of the recognition from the Pakistani-Descent Physicians Society, Mansoor Ahmad, MBA, MA, has truly created the American dream. Mansoor built his dream one client at a time, acquiring two Masters degrees and numerous certifications, travelling by car across the US meanwhile supporting his family on $12.00 jobs until financial independence arrived. Now, he is giving back and creating jobs for others: physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, billers, coders, financial planners, account managers, lawyers and CPA to name a few.

Since 1997, Mansoor has been a conduit for leadership not only in the Pakistani community but throughout the United States. Offices in Downers Grove and Oak Brook continue to expand exponentially. Mansoor has infused his integrity, passion and excellence in every aspect of his business.

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