The former network star agreed to last Monday’s televised chat after he was forced to deny myriad allegations of sexual harassment, indecent assault and bullying from ex-colleagues reported in an ABC/Fairfax investigation. Grimshaw told The Australian she arrived at the gardening guru’s home to be greeted by his wife Marea, who revealed Burke had had affairs, they had reconciled and were willing to answer questions about it. The ACA presenter had previously interviewed the couple about Marea’s crippling illness two years earlier. But she did not think Burke’s admission to affairs were “relevant” to the far more serious allegations she was putting to him. A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw said Don Burke “looked crook” during the interview. Picture: ACA/ Channel 9Source:Channel 9 Grimshaw said the couple had known the investigation was coming for a month, and Burke, 70, was not looking well. “I thought Don looked really crook,” she told the newspaper. “I think he looked very skinny. The pressure had taken a toll. He had time to prepare for it and probably a bit of time to worry about it.” The veteran ACA host has known her fellow Channel 9 star in a professional capacity since the 1990s when she presented Today but has made it clear he “never crossed the line” with her. “I have heard the stories,” she told the morning show last week. “I have never heard the stories the way they were presented yesterday obviously in the media.” She told The AustralianBurke “probably felt we had established a rapport and I would give him the most sympathetic hearing”. The Burke’s Backyard star used the opportunity to deny the allegations made by women who worked with him in the 1980s and 1990s, and said they may have come about because he swore a lot and wasn’t always a nice person. He blamed the Harvey Weinstein scandal for creating a “witch hunt” and said he couldn’t remember what had happened 30 years ago, but still denied the allegations because “that’s just not me”. Grimshaw said Don’s wife Marea (pictured) greeted her at the door with the news her husband had had affairs, and she had forgiven himSource:News Limited He also said he suffered from Asperger’s, although he