LONDON -- Actress, humanitarian campaigner, lifestyle blogger -- and, next spring, a royal. Palace officials announced Monday that Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle, confirming months of rumors that the couple was close to tying the knot. Harry's brother, Prince William, and his pregnant wife Kate welcomed Markle to the royal family. "We are very excited for Harry and Meghan," they said in a statement. "It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together." The announcement means another grand royal wedding is in the offing -- the first since William and and Kate married in 2011. In some ways, Markle -- a mixed-race American raised in California, an outspoken full-time actress, and a divorcee -- makes a surprising addition to Britain's monarchy. But the institution has moved on with the times, and the romance between Markle and Harry -- who has repeatedly stressed his wish to lead as "normal" a life as he could -- has a decidedly unstuffy, modern feel to it. Markle, best known for her role as an ambitious paralegal in the hit U.S. legal drama "Suits," surprised many when she shared her feelings for Harry in a September cover story for Vanity Fair. Asked about the media frenzy surrounding their courtship, the 36-year-old said: "At the end of the day I think it's really simple ... we're two people who are really happy and in love." Prince Harry, Gov. Christie play boardwalk games during Jersey Shore tour Describing Harry as her "boyfriend," Markle said that while she expected that she and Harry would have to "come forward" about their relationship at some point, the two were just a couple enjoying time spent with each other. "Personally, I love a great love story," she said. Harry -- once known for his "bad boy" antics, including being photographed playing strip billiards in Las Vegas -- has largely won over the British public with his winning smile, his military career and his devotion to charities aimed at helping disabled veterans and other causes. The 33-year-old prince recently won praise with his work campaigning for more openness about mental health issues. Speaking candidly about his personal struggle to cope