Production of the show was suspended in October following sexual assault allegations against star Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will be the show’s focus after Kevin Spacey’s exit. Picture: NetflixSource:Supplied Season six of the political thriller will be eight episodes, starring Robin Wright, Sarandos said. The final season will not include Spacey, as previously announced. “We were really excited we could get to an agreement ... for the conclusion of the show,” said Sarandos, speaking overnight at UBS’s Global Media and Communications Conference in New York. London theatre says 20 men made allegations against Kevin Spacey0:46 The Old Vic Theatre says it has received 20 seperate allegations from men about inappropriate conduct by Kevin Spacey between 1995 and 2013. November 17th 2017 18 days ago /display/ News/National/ House of Cards, the first major original show for Netflix. Sarandos said he was gratified to have reached the deal for the team of 370 people who directly work on the show and for “the 2000 people in Baltimore” who have jobs working on House of Cards. Variety reported last month that producers were contemplating killing off Spacey’s character, the devious political animal Frank Underwood, to focus on Wright’s Claire Underwood as a way to salvage season six. Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will take centre stage as Netflix attempts to salvage the show. Picture: NetflixSource:Supplied Last week producers had informed the cast and crew that the hiatus on season six would be extended through December 8th, and that the crew will continue to be paid during the break. Now the pause on the production is extending into the new year.