ABC’s new late night talk show Tonightly with Tom Ballard has premiered with a jaw-dropping opening episode, featuring a spoof gardening segment promising to teach viewers how to grow an alleged sex harasser. Greta Lee Jackson in the satirical skit based on the Don Burke allegations.Source:Supplied Feminist comedian Greta Lee Jackson — who rose to fame with her the Skitclub viral video Activewear — performs the satirical skit complete with a flowerbed backdrop and watering can in hand. Jackson’s intention is to satirise the misogynistic culture existent in film and TV however, the controversial sketch has drawn concern from some gender advocacy groups. Shaan Ross-Smith is the director of the Mate Bystander Program, linked to Griffith University, which travels Australia educating communities on gender inequality and recognising abuse. “It’s fraught with danger doing satires on this stuff,” she said. Greta Lee Jackson satirises misogynistic “victim blaming”.Source:Supplied “No one would do satires on paedophilia but in Australia we have this acceptance that it’s OK to make jokes about things like this.” A week ago, Burke, of long-running gardening show Burke’s Backyard, was the target of sexual harassment allegations against him. And the searingly en-pointe humour is enough to make even the most hardened viewers squirm. “Today in our garden we’re going to be talking about something very special: how to nurture and grow an alleged sexual harasser in the film and TV industry,” said Jackson, 33, in a disarmingly cheery tone. The cast of Tonightly: Greg Larsen, Bridie Connell, Tom Ballard and Greta Lee Jackson. Picture: ABCSource:Supplied The comedian then takes viewers through the “conditions” which must be present to help a allow a sexual harasser to thrive. These include “unfettered access to a lot of women” who have aspirations to succeed in the film and TV industry and most importantly, “a climate of denial”. Handy hints are even suggested for weeding out troublemakers who may make a claim. There’s “industry standard” techniques, explained Jackson, such as telling complainants they “can’t take a joke”. Don Burke has been hit with multiple allegations of