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Mike Pence won't dine alone with a woman who's not his wife. Is that sexist?

The vice president's marital rule has sparked a conversation not just about his practice, but whether it constitutes discrimination against professional women.

The Antelope Valley poppies have exploded into a spectacular burst of neon, signaling an end to drought

The visitors, like the poppies, have exploded at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, which is having a record bloom this season

Constructing a successful oil train resistance movement, in three parts

A group of mostly retired professionals successfully fought a proposed oil train on the Central Coast

California cannabis companies are hiring. Interest is high at this job fair.

Cannabis businesses are growing explosively in the age of legalization, and they need workers of all stripes

Big Sur is once again coping with natural disaster and looming economic catastrophe

A Highway One bridge failure has isolated Big Sur residents and businesses, and may affect the community for up to a year

Could the extraordinary compound in cannabis that helps kids with epilepsy make you feel better?

Everyone's heard of THC, but there is a non-psychoactive compound in pot and hemp called CBD that helps epileptic kids, vets with PTSD and, potentially, everyone.

Norovirus outbreak continues at Santa Monica schools

The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is still struggling to control a norovirus outbreak that began weeks ago.

The life-and-death stakes of an Affordable Care Act repeal in one of L.A. County's poorest, sickest regions

Los Angeles County clinics are serving more patients because of the Affordable Care Act. Now they're worried about what Obamacare repeal could mean for them.

Essential Arts & Culture: Luminous canvases, a mirrored house and all the 'Hamilton' you can handle

The top arts and culture stories in one easy newsletter from the Los Angeles Times.

Essential Arts & Culture: A homecoming for Kerry James Marshall, Gehry in Berlin and a desert biennial

The top arts and culture stories in one easy newsletter from the Los Angeles Times.

Almost 100 California entities are interested in building Trump's border wall

Firms are lining up to build President Trump's border wall.

California prosecutors have turned the tables on Planned Parenthood's undercover video tormentors

California Atty. Gen. Javier Becerra did not go far enough when he filed felony charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt

Curator Nato Thompson shines a light on art and the culture wars in 'Culture as Weapon'

The New York curator's latest book looks at the way in which the tools of culture are used to sell, wage war and conduct politics.

Old trucks, long hours, poor management: The convoys that drive 3 million miles a year hauling nuclear weapons

The agency responsible for hauling nuclear bombs across the country is beset with declining budgets, forced overtime and aging equipment.

The Marines' plan to save California desert tortoises includes 'raven no-fly zones' and laser guns

The U.S. Marines will soon blast the western Mojave Desert with green lasers and may someday deploy chemical weapons to defend baby tortoises hatched from the eggs of relocated breeding adults.

It’s hard to beat an incumbent — just look at L.A.’s City Council races

How incumbents and others fared in Tuesday's Los Angeles City Council election.

Build a wall? Trump should talk to the man who spent 25 years fixing it

Albert Garcia, who voted for Trump, repaired more than 20,000 holes in the border fence in his career. He's got a few ideas about border enforcement — and they don't involve a new wall.

Bill in Congress aims to take shark fins off the menu throughout the United States

It’s been four years since California’s ban on the purchase and possession of shark fins went into effect. And yet, more than 60 tons of shark fins arrive at the Port of Los Angeles each year, bound for chefs and grocers in states where sales of the Asian delicacy remain unfettered.

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