Downtown L.A.'s new hot neighborhood?

Good morning. It is Thursday, Oct. 27. It’s the vegan burger San Francisco can’t stop talking about. But does it really taste like meat? Here’s what else is going on around the state.


Slow to change

Low-cost tour bus services have seen explosive growth as more casinos have opened around the nation. But after this weekend’s deadly crash, some safety experts argue that regulations and safety oversight have not kept up. Even the most basic improvements are often slow in coming. A rule requiring seat belts on newly manufactured buses that will go into effect next week, for example, was first proposed by safety experts after a horrific 1968 bus crash on I-15 near Baker that took 19 lives. Los Angeles Times

Best of times, worst of times

It’s shaping up to be a tale of two states when it comes to California’s drought. Despite a rainstorm set to hit the Southland this week, the region continues to face an unprecedented lack of precipitation, recording only 60% of average rainfall this month. By contrast, communities from the Bay Area and north to the Oregon border have recorded 200% to 300% more rain than average this month, according to the National Weather Service. Los Angeles Times

Where’s the GOP?

The state’s top-two primary system means that for more than 800,000 Los Angeles County voters, the only identified Republicans they’ll see on the ballot are Donald Trump and Mike Pence. “It is unconscionable that there is a monopoly on either side. Then we all suffer,” said Republican Roxanne Hoge. Los Angeles Times

Gun charge: Rapper Coolio pleaded guilty to a felony firearm charge Wednesday for bringing a loaded handgun to LAX. The 53-year-old was sentenced to three years’ probation and 45 days of community service. Los Angeles Times

Dangerous jumps: A 28-year-old man who gained notoriety for YouTube videos that show him jumping off buildings into shallow water was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of trespassing. Anthony Armer frequently filmed himself doing daring jumps in Newport Beach and Laguna. On the subject of his jumps, Armer said, “A lot of people think it's stupid but you know what, I think it’s stupid to sit in a cubicle all day.” LAist


Value of land: The California drought and a drop in commodity prices are hurting the value of farmland in the Central Valley. “The areas that have water challenges tend to have a bigger hit,” said economist Roland Fumasi. Sacramento Bee

Water fight: The election in Yorba Linda is becoming a fight over water. 89.3 KPCC


Tech bust: Twitter is laying off 300 employees. “Intel, IBM and Cisco are a few of the giant corporations that have let people go but many start-ups have also contributed to the thousands of pink slips doled out this year.” SFGate

Keep waiting: Apple delayed the release of the company’s new AirPod wireless headphones. TechCrunch


All clear: The Canadian flight attendant widely blamed for bringing HIV to the United States — and California — and triggering an epidemic that has killed nearly 700,000 people has been exonerated by science, more than 30 years after his death. Los Angeles Times

Hello, human: Only in Silicon Valley: Robots will be greeting passengers at San Jose Airport. Mercury News

Living with grief: Comedian Patton Oswalt talks about life after the sudden death of his wife, a writer who was searching to identify a suspect dubbed the Golden State Killer. “In comic-book terms, I was married to a great crime fighter,” he said. New York Times

Still kickin’: Columnist Patt Morrison chats with Carl Reiner about his latest memoir. “Of all media, this is the one I really like most, because it comes from your head, and the people read it — and you don’t have to get on a stage,” he said. Los Angeles Times

Quick cash: Are “flipping” classes hosted by Orange County home television stars really worth it? Orange County Register


Sacramento will be 63 degrees with some rain. There will be rain and a high of 65 in San Francisco. Riverside will be 85 and partly sunny. Los Angeles will have a high of 81 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun. San Diego will be 77 and partly sunny.


Today’s California Memory comes from Relly Jimenez:

“My Mom and I arrived in the USA through SFO in October 1980. The lady whose family made it possible for us to come here drove us from SFO to the city of Sonoma, where we had to reside the next 30 years. Because it was already sunset, naturally the lights on lampposts came on. We came to an area where the lights shone more brightly than normal and my Mom blurted out, ‘By the way, I would like one day to see the Golden Gate Bridge! Will you kindly take us there when you have time?’ The lady had a big laugh as she said, ‘You are right now on it! See these gigantic red posts and bright lights!’ Mom and I were very delighted because it was the first beautiful scenery that greeted us here in California — in the USA! Because it was already dark, we were not able to right away see the beautiful ocean around it until later on.”

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