There’s a growing number of soundbar products coming onto the market which begs the question: Does your TV really need a soundbar? The short answer is probably no. But if you’re a dedicated home entertainment nerd and are happy to make your TV the centre of a seriously good sound system, maybe this is for you. The 1.3 metre-long, 8.3kg soundbar has the kind of simple and understated design you want from a speaker and is made to sit at the base of your TV, or mounted on the wall below it. After listening to a range of music on the Sound+ MS750 (disclaimer: in a fancy Sydney hotel room paid for by Samsung) it’s hard not to be struck by the detailed texture and quality of sound it produces. The device is packed with 11 speakers, made up of five wide-range tweeters and six woofers which are each driven by a dedicated amplifier. The end result is what Samsung calls its Sound Stage Expansion — meaning the soundbar projects a wide angle of sound that does well to fill the room. The subwooferless soundbar has so called “Anti-Distortion Technology” which basically just means the layered sound it produces isn’t compromised when you pump the volume. It highlights every facet of the music or movie being played, bringing a cinematic touch to your living room. Samsung's Sound+ MS750 is for the dedicated home entertainment fan.Source:Supplied The MS750 packs a serious sonic punch, but if you want that extra oomph (although you probably don’t need it) Samsung will happily sell you a companion SWA-W700 subwoofer to go along with the soundbar, as well as a wireless surround sound kit. One feature you’ll happily find in the MS750 which you won’t see in some of it popular competitors like the Sonos soundbar is the addition of bluetooth and HDMI inputs, making it a more versatile system. The MS750 also allows for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming from your compatible devices which is great. When you crank it up, you’re struck by the detail in the texture and quality of sound it produces.Source:Supplied As you might expect, when it take a team of about 20 engineers to craft the patented Samsung technology used in the soundbar, it doesn’t exactly come cheap. The MS750 soundbar will