Portable speakers are now designed to slip into a pocket, record crisp dictation, and even work after a quick dunk in the pool. We rounded up four of the best new audio machines on the market to test which make the soundest investments. BeoPlay P2 4 out of 5 stars / $248 / harveynorman.com.au The stylish, pill-shaped BeoPlay P2 speaker features touch controls.Source:Supplied You would expect a speaker from Bang & Olufsen offshoot BeoPlay to be stylish and capable of great audio, but you might not expect its hidden features. This genuinely pocket-sized gadget connects to Google and Apple smartphones, uses a dedicated app for equaliser settings, and delivers rich, full sound beyond its 14cm frame, including impressive, clear bass. Its exterior is a study in minimalism, with a hidden on button on its rear panel, and secret playback controls. Double-tap the grill and you can play a song, double-tap again and you’ll pause it, shake it and it will skip to the next track. You can customise these controls within the app. The P2 also turns on and connects to the phone automatically when you open the app. It has just a few drawbacks: a volume control would have been handy, and it doesn’t deliver sound in stereo. JBL Flip 4 4/5 / $128 / harveynorman.com.au The JBL Flip 4 is a wireless speaker with a water-resistant exterior.Source:Supplied The weather is already warming up, putting beach-friendly speakers like this one into the frame. JBL’s upgraded Flip 4 speaker improves on its predecessor in several ways, with better sound quality, more bass, and a more rugged exterior. Not only does it feature a more durable weave outside, but this speaker is now waterproof, letting you dunk it in liquid for up to 30 minutes. It also features dual passive radiators for extra bass sound, the full array of exterior controls, and adds a button for accessing Apple’s Siri or the Google Assistant without reaching for your phone. Its 3000mAh battery is able to power sound for up to 12 hours per charge, and you can link it to other Flip 4 speakers for a stereo effect. Its audio delivery is not quite as impressive as its Ultimate Ears peers, and sound emanates from just one side of this