While an impressive statistic largely driven by a generous three-month free trial, the music streaming service is still being outperformed by Spotify’s 30 million subscribers. In an attempt to attract a plethora of new users, Apple is in the process of performing a complete overhaul of the interface of the streaming service. According to a report from 9TO5Mac, insider sources claim the changes will include a redesigned user-interface, new functions and reorganisation of features. The new user-interface will say goodbye to the current display based on the colour of a particular album’s artwork, instead it will implement a new, simple design putting emphasis on black and white backgrounds and text. In addition to simplifying the colour, album artwork will be displayed larger in the user-interface to help it avoid looking dull and bland. Apple’s 3D Touch will also have a greater emphasis, with shortcut previews and the ability to better share songs as the focus. These menus will no longer exist in the redesign.Source:news.com.au The largest changes to the service will be seen in the “For You” feature, which recommends songs, artists, albums and music videos. Sources who have seen the interface claim this tab will be stripped down and better promoted to users of the service. The “New” tab, which promotes charts, genres and curated playlists, will be removed and better organised in a newly created section called “Browse”. Probably the most exciting part of the update will see Apple working to integrate lyrics into the streaming service. Thankfully, the algorithms currently used by Apple Music to deliver recommendations will not change. The reboot is expected to be unveiled at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.