But while Apple grabbed attention with its AirPods, and snapped up Beats from Dr Dre, there are still plenty of options for those who want something different in features and looks. We’ve rounded up five of the best new wire-free audiomakers, from those shaped like buttons to a new kind of earbud that helps you hear conversations. I.AM+ Buttons 4.5/5 stars $290 / jbhifi.com.au will.i.am Buttons are Bluetooth earbuds that work with Apple and Google smartphones.Source:Supplied Don’t let the celebrity endorsements put you off. Whether you like will.i.am’s music or not, his Bluetooth earbuds are worth a listen, with a stylish and practical design, plenty of fitting options, and support for Apple and Google devices. The rounded exterior of these Buttons is also magnetised so they can be worn as a necklace, they have an in-line remote for controls and taking calls, and the sound quality is impressive. One criticism: it would have been better if they went into sleep mode when stuck together, like some of their peers. NuHeara IQbuds 4.5/5 stars $399 / nuheara.com The Nuheara IQbuds are wireless headphones that can also help you hear people speaking.Source:Supplied These earbuds are like Apple AirPods but much smarter. Made in Australia, these wireless earbuds not only deliver music from your phone, but they use microphones and smart software to amplify the conversations around you. With an accompanying app, you can set them up for the location you’re in — a restaurant, an office, or the car, for example — and they will let you hear the voices of your friends and family while lowering ambient noise. Aside from a hearing boost, they also ably deliver songs from your phone, and touch-sensitive controls feature on each earbud. Tap the left bud and you’ll play or pause a song, tap the right and you can change your audio profile. If you double-tap either, you’ll trigger Siri or Google Assistant on your phone. The audio they deliver can sound a little fake, like you’re listening to a recording of yourself, and they’re not as slick-looking as the AirPods, but these local creations are potentially a lot more useful. Audio-Technica DSR7BT 4.5/5 stars $599 /