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Shure’s SE535 earphones are a little bit perfect

Asking me to tell you what the best headphones are is like asking WeRateDogs to pick its favorite canine. In both cases, there’s far too much variety, diversity, and idiosyncratic

Audeze iSine 20 review: you’ve never seen or heard headphones like these before

It’s not often that you see a new pair of headphones that upsets the basic taxonomy of personal audio gear, but Audeze’s new iSine series is precisely that.

The noise-cancelling headphones you need to buy

NOISE-cancelling headphones are the perfect barrier from chatty colleagues, helpful in easing the pain of long-haul flights and a great companion to any home entertainment system.

Big ticket TV as you’ve never heard it before, with surround sound wherever you

TELEVISION is finally growing up, with big-screen Hollywood stars in small-screen exploits, and epic productions unprecedented in scale.

Sonos’ ‘arrogant’ ultimatum riles customers

HIGH-END sound system manufacturer Sonos has hit customers with a controversial ultimatum in the company’s latest policy update — leaving privacy-concerned customers taking to

Take your music on the road

APPLE may have retired its iPod Nano but other audio gadgets are going from strength to strength.

The ‘new must’ have TV accessory for home entertainment nerds

FOR home entertainment lovers and audiophiles, Samsung has launched the latest addition to its soundbar family with the impressively crafted Sound+ MS750.

Pandora to leave Australia: Here’s what you need to know

IF YOU are wondering what happened to your Pandora music service over the weekend, we have some bad news.

Jay-Z seems bitter no one listens to Tidal

IT APPEARS Jay-Z isn’t a huge fan of Apple, with the rapper slamming the tech giant.

What is Dolby Atmos and do I need it?

THERE is no denying having surround sound in your living room makes playing video games and Netflix binge-sessions a much more immersive experience.

Don’t want Apple AirPods? Here are five wireless alternatives

WIRELESS audio technology has come a long way, and will now reliably let you listen to songs without getting snagged on furniture.

Five new music-makers to power your party

REMEMBER when parties were powered by a CD player or tape deck?

A product to match 4K Ultra-HD devices

JBL has become synonymous with quality sound, having been responsible for some of the most successful Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Tune in: 5 sweet solution to sounds situations

WHETHER you’re commuting on a train or sitting in your own lounge room, you want a audio experience that is comfortable, convenient and with great sound quality.

Bizarre outrage over Apple’s $649,000 streaming deal

IT seems people these days are just looking for a reason to be outraged.

This is how noise cancelling headphones work

THE modern world is a noisy and distracting place, especially if you spend any time in an open-plan office, on public transport, in aircraft or listening to friends drone on about

New ways to cut the cord: five of the best new wireless headphones

THERE are plenty of reasons to ditch the headphone cord.

Apple’s AirPods won’t be available for Christmas

APPLE’S new wireless headphones will not be ready for Christmas in an embarrassing blow for the company.

Six tech gadgets guaranteed to evoke nostalgia

TECHNOLOGY is quickly evolving, with products becoming smaller, faster and more advanced than we would have ever imagined.

The AirPods could come in time for Christmas

DURING the launch of the iPhone 7 in September, Apple announced its wireless AirPods.

Your headphones can spy on you

HACKERS could hijack your headphones to slyly record your secret conversations, researchers have warned.

Three portable wireless audio options for sale right now

GONE are the days of needing messy cables to play music, with a plethora of wireless audio options now mainstream.

Home grown solution to Apple’s big problem

APPLE has removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7, which means it’s now time to embrace wireless technology.

‘The world’s most intense boom box’

FOR the past few weeks at work, I have had an imposing product sitting next to my desk, which captured the attention of nearly every person walking by.

Huge change coming to Apple Music

IN THE 12 months since its launch, Apple Music has secured 13 million subscribers.

Streaming is saving the music industry

THE world’s biggest recording artists might not be happy with the royalties offered from digital streaming, but these services are helping salvage a dying industry.

Samsung admits defeat on music streaming

SAMSUNG might be winning the smartphone race against Apple but it has admitted defeat in streaming music, revealing it will close its Australian online music service next month.

The product to drive parents mad

ARE you one of the youth who gets the shred on to attend disco music festivals?

‘Kanye West is a blithering twat’

WHEN rapper Kanye West released his album exclusively on an artist-owned music streaming service for which is a founder, the internet responded as it so often does.

Kanye West’s epic album launch fail

EARLIER this week, Kanye West claimed he was broke and in tens of millions of dollars in debt.

Apple’s ironic fail has Android laughing

WHEN Apple launched its music streaming service onto its biggest competitor’s platform, it wasn’t sure how the product would be received.

Apple’s incredible revenue record

THE cumulative number of Apple Music subscribers continues to grow and now exceeds 10 million users, this according to a recent report from the Financial Times.

Obamas release Christmas playlist on Spotify

EVER wonder what music gets President Barack Obama in the Christmas mood? Sign in to Spotify to find out.

The 15 best gadgets of 2015

THIS year was a big one for technology.

Big trends in simple home theatre

HOME-ENTERTAINMENT trends are clear this year: televisions are getting bigger and cheaper, movie buffs are opting for all-in-one soundbars over complicated home-theatre-systems,

Get a home theatre on a budget

HOME-ENTERTAINMENT trends are clear this year: televisions are getting bigger and cheaper, movie buffs are opting for all-in-one soundbars over complicated home-theatre-systems,

Sonos predicts full stream ahead

THE message from wireless speaker pioneers Sonos is simple: when it comes to how we listen to music, the changes in the past 13 weeks are as significant as those in the past 13

Fix your speakers in just 45 seconds

SONOS today is launching a 45-second do-it-yourself speaker-tuner system that has the potential to revolutionise how people listen to music in their home.

Inside Samsung’s LA audio lab that will change TVs, speakers

SAMSUNG is the world’s top smartphone seller, the world’s leading TV maker, and it makes more LCD panels than any other firm.