Photo: Water from a broken pipe leaks off this roof, while raw sewage overflows from a septic tank. (ABC News: Nick Hose) A member of the Northern Territory Labor Government has hit out at the Territory Housing Department, saying people in the remote Indigenous community of Haasts Bluff are paying rent for "shocking" homes that are not fit to live in. Photo: NT politician Scott McConnell has spoken out about the living conditions. (ABC News: Nick Hose) Scott McConnell made the comments about his electorate on a recent visit to Haasts Bluff, 227 kilometres west of Alice Springs, where he said people should not be paying rent for what he called substandard housing. They are the strongest statements the MLA has made on his own Government's delivery of remote housing. Mr McConnell said since quitting his role as assistant minister for remote housing delivery last month he felt freer to speak out. "The things that we have seen today are quite shocking, and we have to do better than this," he said. "I wouldn't be paying for it, I don't think these people — my constituents — should be paying rent on some of the properties we've seen." Photo: Makeshift beds have been built outside this house in an effort to combat overcrowding. (ABC News: Nick Hose) At a community meeting with Mr McConnell, Haasts Bluff residents raised concerns about chronic overcrowding, leaking roofs, failing electricity, broken air-conditioners, and overflowing raw sewage, which they feared was causing illness among residents. Traditional owner Douglas Multa said the conditions in his house had become so bad that he and his wife had to move out of their home, even though he said they still paid a combined rent of $20,000 each year. "I'm paying rent for a home I can't live in," Mr Multa said. Photo: Traditional owner Douglas Multa is still paying rent for a house he moved out of. (ABC News: Nick Hose) It was a similar story for Alice Nampitjinpa, who shares her two-bedroom home with 12 people, including the local pastor who sleeps on a makeshift bed made of tyres and timber crates. "I'm having a problem with sewage, it's building up all the time because of overcrowding, then it overflows,"