External Link: The best moments from The Room If you're ever invited to a screening of The Room, here's some advice: bring plastic spoons. If that statement makes no sense to you, it's time to get amongst the legacy of the best worst movie ever made — a genuine indie drama so woeful it has become a sell-out, cult classic, and the basis for the new James Franco-directed film The Disaster Artist. What is The Room? Tommy Wiseau, an aspiring film star of unclear origins (more on that later), wrote the script in the late 1990s after struggling to forge a career as an actor. The Room is an extremely earnest drama about — actually, it's not really clear what it's "about". It revolves around a successful banker, Johnny (Wiseau), whose life falls apart as his fiance, Lisa, takes up with his best friend, Mark. Some other things happen — a teenager played by someone who is definitely not a teenager gets involved with drugs — and then, spurned by life and love, Johnny takes his own life. The film was released in 2003. It played for two weeks at a theatre in Los Angeles. Initial reactions were not good, primarily because: the acting is cringe-worthy; the dialogue is tone-deaf; some of the shots are literally unbelievable; some of the scenes are out of focus, for no reason; characters are always throwing around a football, for no reason; much of the dialogue is out of sync; parts of the plot seem illogical, with characters speaking key lines despite never being introduced to the audience And the list goes on. It's why Entertainment Weekly famously referred to The Room as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies". It's also why watching The Room is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Why do people still flock to to see it? Alex Temesvari, deputy GM of Sydney's Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, which holds monthly screenings, said his cinemas were considered the number one Room location in the world. "It floors us how popular this thing has become," he said. "Our main auditorium is a 700-seater, and we sell that out every single month." Mr Temesvari thinks it's Wiseau's conviction — his belief that he is making a masterpiece, that he's the next Tennessee Williams — that makes The Room