Video: The data reveals a vast gulf in housing affordability (ABC News) New data reveals just how long it takes you to save for a home in every area across Australia — from the good, to the bad and the very ugly. Video: The data reveals a vast gulf in housing affordability (ABC News) The stark contrast between Australia's east and west coast housing markets has been laid bare in new data which reveals it now takes Sydney first-home buyers twice as long to save a 20 per cent deposit for a median-priced home than punters in the post-mining boom city of Perth. The data is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the census and property monitoring form CoreLogic, and compiled by Bankwest. External Link: Chart: Years to save a deposit in Australian capital cities The figures used in the study, compiled for every Local Government Area (LGA) in Australia, have been calculated based on ABS income data of the average combined salary for two people aged between 25-34, saving 20 per cent of their pre-tax income in a high-interest savings account. The study tells a tale of two cities, with Perth now the most affordable mainland state capital, taking just 3.9 years for first-home buyers to save a deposit. It is a far different story in Sydney, where buyers require 8.2 years to save a deposit — well above the national average of 4.6 years. Just five years ago the situation was the reverse. Perth property prices were booming, fuelled by the state's mining industry. But since the sector stalled in 2012 values have been in decline, falling a further 4.3 per cent over the past financial year alone while Sydney prices have jumped 11 per cent. Sydney dips but still out of reach for most External Link: Map: Years to save a house deposit in Sydney New South Wales is home to eight of the nation's top 10 LGAs where it takes a first-home buyer couple the longest time to save. Sydney buyers need on average 8.2 years to save the $215,133 deposit required to purchase a median-priced house, three years longer than the national capital city average of 4.9 years. External Link: Chart: Number of first time buyers in NSW When regional areas are included, the average saving time