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Flight crew ‘saw N Korea missile’

THE crew of a Cathay Pacific flight saw what it believes was North Korea’s latest missile test last week, the second airline to report sighting it.

Mattis urges Pakistan to ‘redouble’ efforts against Islamist militants

The defense secretary adopted a milder tone during his brief visit compared with his congressional testimony.

Bollywood matinee idol Shashi Kapoor dies at 79

Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor, who starred in over 100 films, died in Mumbai on Monday.

Why blocks are still the best Christmas present for kids

Blocks probably won't top Christmas wish lists, but they have many benefits including developing fine motor skills, social, cognitive and language skills, and spatial reasoning and

The horrors and pleasures of misused words

Misused words crop up in the news, on TV and in daily conversation. Many people have pet pronunciation peeves, but they can also be a source of humour.

The worst movie ever made, explained

Cringe-worthy acting, unbelievable dialogue, non sequiturs, and little in the way of a plot. Why do people still flock to see The Room?

Health groups call for school students to be taught about endometriosis

A coalition of women's health groups want all teenagers to be taught about menstrual health in schools to raise awareness about endometriosis.

Amazon launches in Australia, local retailers brace for onslaught

US retail goliath Amazon opens for business in Australia promising to offer millions of products from well-known local brands.

'We have to do better than this': Residents in Central Australian community

An NT politician calls for action in his electorate while residents of a remote community live in overcrowded houses in desperate need of repair.

'Interactive time machine' offers look at Brisbane of yesteryear

An interactive time machine gives Brisbane residents a chance to look back on just how far the city has come over the past century.

Ruff justice: Ipswich council funds website for barking dog complaints

Barking dogs are one of Queensland's pet hates, although most people are sheepish when it comes to tackling their neighbours about it face to face.

High-tech mountain bikes leaving old-school treadlies in their dust

Super tough and weighing less than a small child, new-generation mountain bikes are enjoying a high-tech metamorphosis.

TAFE SA students face reassessment as audit finds courses are a mess

Hundreds of TAFE SA students are affected as 14 courses face suspension because an audit deems them substandard.

Tasmanian politicians red-faced over attendance at Chinese Communist

Tasmanian politicians have attended a Chinese group's event at Parliament House seemingly unaware of the organisation's link to the Communist Party.

Peak-hour trains from Victoria's regional centres 'like travelling in cattle

Many of Victoria's V/Line train services are overcrowded and at capacity before they have even reached their busiest stations, just two years after a multi-billion-dollar upgrade

Trump's tweets revive talk of impeachment. Here's how that works, and how he put

Talk of US President Donald Trump getting impeached is ramping up. So what actually needs to happen for a president to be impeached?

Yemen's ex-president killed in roadside attack

Yemen's veteran former president Ali Abdullah Saleh is killed in a roadside attack days after switching sides in the country's civil war.

Cathay Pacific crew 'witnessed North Korean missile test'

The crew of a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong saw what it believes was North Korea's latest missile test last week, after similar reports from two Korean Air flights.

The Philippines' Strongman Syndrome

Why are so many Filipinos embracing Rodrigo Duterte's authoritarian fantasies?

Drill targeting North Korea launched by U.S. and Seoul

North Korea denounced the exercises as provocative and dangerous and said they will worsen tensions.

Rahul Gandhi, son of India’s enduring dynasty, takes the helm of its oldest

But can he counter Prime Minister Modi's widespread popularity and the decline of his party?

Yemen's Houthi rebels claim ex-leader Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed

Yemen's Houthi-run interior ministry said Monday ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh had been killed though there was no independent confirmation.

A tale of two cities reveals Australia's vast gulf in housing affordability

The stark contrast between Australia's housing markets is laid bare in new data that shows how long it takes to save for a deposit across the country.

Trump endorses Roy Moore amid sexual misconduct allegations

Donald Trump endorses embattled Alabama Republican Roy Moore ahead of next week's special election amid sexual allegations.

Yemen's Houthi rebels blow up ex-president Saleh's house

Fighters from Yemen's armed Houthi movement blow up the house of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, residents say, sparking conflicting reports on the former leader's fate.

Rahul Gandhi set to take over as Congress party president

Forty-seven year-old Gandhi family scion has emerged as the main challenger to PM Narendra Modi for 2019 polls.

Kashmir conflict drives tourists away

Tourism badly hit in Indian-administered Kashmir amid an ongoing military operation against rebels.

North Korea's missile last week was seen by a Cathay Pacific crew from plane,

A crew on board a Cathay Pacific aircraft saw a North Korean missile blow up over the Sea of Japan last week, the airline told CNBC on Monday.

Superb bowling and brilliant catching put Australia in box seat in Adelaide

England enjoy a late fightback with the ball but Australia is still well-positioned to claim the honours in the second Ashes Test at the Adelaide Oval, with a lead of 268 runs.

Cricket fan tracks down Bairstow to gift him gloves signed by dead father

A cricket fan who as a child won gloves signed by the late David Bairstow manages to track down his son — England keeper Jonny Bairstow — and return the gloves as an emotional gift

Viagra should be available without prescription, experts say

As the United Kingdom announces one type of Viagra will be made available without prescription, some experts say Australia needs to consider doing the same.

'I loved him': Man who fatally punched best friend sobs in court

A man who threw a fatal punch, killing his best friend, on a night out in Coffs Harbour breaks down in court and apologises to the victim's parents.

Katherine River fishing ban over PFAS contamination fears

Katherine residents are being warned not to eat local seafood after a report into PFAS contamination identified it as a potential health risk.

CCC officers search Logan City Council chambers and address councillors

Crime and Corruption Commission officers execute a search warrant on the Logan City Council and address councillors about the watchdog's ongoing investigation.

Protesters clash with Milo Yiannopoulos supporters in Melbourne

There are violent scenes in Melbourne where controversial British commentator Milo Yiannopoulos is speaking, with at least two people arrested.

Major shake-up for WA Police as new chief dumps predecessor's strategy

An internal review by WA Police results in sweeping changes to the force, with a key strategy implemented by former chief Karl O'Callaghan abandoned.

Malta police arrest eight suspects over murder of journalist

Maltese police arrest eight suspects in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, almost two months after her car was blown up while she was driving it.

Former Catalan vice president denied bail by Spanish court

Former Catalonia vice president Oriol Junqueras has been refused bail by Spain's Supreme Court.

Hawaii tests warning sirens amid North Korean threat

HAWAII tested its first nuclear warning siren in decades, days after North Korea launched its most powerful missile yet.

The list of every foreign link declared by Australia's senators

Explore every foreign connection disclosed by senators in the citizenship register.