I have a new woman to look up to in tech, and her name is Raina McLeod. Raina made an iPhone app called Ice Check that directs you to the nearest working McFlurry machine at a McDonald’s. Raina is a goddess. I am personally invested in this app because even though I don’t frequently eat at McDonald’s, when I do go, I really, really want McDonald’s. This is because it’s likely past 3AM, I’ve had a few shots of Jameson, and the idea of some amalgamation of salt, fat, sugar, and carbs turns me into a Big Mac homing device. When I’m in this position and placing my order, there are two sentences a McDonald’s employee can say that will turn my heart into a raisin: “Sorry, we’re serving breakfast now,” and “Sorry, our McFlurry machine is down.” You have probably heard of the Legend of the Broken Ice Cream Machine. Based on my own scientific research, which consists of many visits to various McDonald’s across the United States after drinking alcohol, I personally believe that McFlurry machines are broken more than they’re working. I know I’m not alone in my feelings because A) I typed “McDonald’s ice cream” into Google and it wanted to autofill in “machine meme” and B) the Wall Street Journal actually spent the time and money to investigate why McDonald’s ice cream machines are down all the time. The short answer is that it takes four hours to clean them every day. And, getting it ready for this cleaning takes 11 steps. It’s so complicated the article says: “if someone ordered an ice cream while employees were in the process of cleaning the machines, they often just said it was down rather than reassembling it.” On top of McFlurry-related sadness, I now have McFlurry-related trust issues. When the ice cream machine not working at mcdonalds so u cant get a mcflurry pic.twitter.com/u0G94oMn7H — Slump Sylar (@YUNGRAJEE) March 3, 2014 So, back to my new hero. Raina tells Buzzfeed, “I came up with the idea for the app around a year ago, after a late night Oreo McFlurry craving went unfulfilled due to the ice cream machine being down.” This automatically makes Raina a better person than me, as my normal response in this situation is to go home with a No. 1 and grumble my