Editors' note: This article was first published Nov. 17 and has since been updated with B&H and Adorama Black Friday deals. Also, expired deals have been pruned. There aren't many Black Friday deals on cameras to get excited about -- at least not yet, unless you want to wade into some murky shopping waters. For instance, Abe's of Maine deals are so good they're suspect, and the best deals at Ritz Camera tend to be "international" versions. In other words, they're gray market, so there's no US warranty. For those unacquainted with my holiday shopping philosophies, I don't consider bundles with massive amounts of mostly useless, zero-profit-margin accessories at higher prices good deals. The only thing that makes the bundle more valuable are lenses, and depending on the camera, possibly a battery grip. That leaves you predominantly with the manufacturer's seasonal discounts, where more mainstream places like B&H, Adorama or Best Buy shave a few trivial bucks off most already-discounted models. I'll update this as I see more aggressive price cuts. The Canon printer and dSLR bundle Canon gives a rebate on a few of its photo printers if you buy one in conjunction with many of its dSLRs, and there are several prebuilt bundles for the EOS 5D Mark IV and EOS 6D Mark II with the Pixma Pro-100 and a $350 mail-in offer. The ultimate price of the camera does turns out lower than without the printer rebate. Since plenty folks never mail in the rebates, I kind of think this means a lot of hoop jumping unless you actually want one of the printers, which makes me ambivalent about the deals, despite the fact you can ultimately get the 5D Mark IV body for $2,850 at Adorama (requires code CADEAL2016), or bupkes, if you do the work. But if you're inclined to take advantage of the offer, keep a few things in mind. First, because it has a higher initial price than you'd see without the printer, you'll be paying more sales tax (where applicable). Second, the rebate comes in the form of an American Express Reward Card, and if you don't spend it all within seven months they'll start charging you $2 a month, and you can't exchange it for cash. Third, you're going to have to find